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Victoria Florido Naef is a seasoned marketer and a Google AdWords expert, who has spent years working with clients with diverse business needs. With a bachelor’s degree in Business…

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Jeremy Jones is an expert digital marketing consultant, content marketer, and content strategist who uses his creativity to help clients grow. He’s worked with clients from the HR, finance, SaaS, retail, and…

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Veronica is an award-winning Google ads expert who has driven successful digital advertising and organic marketing campaigns among many agencies. She has executed…

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Phil is the Director of Search Marketing at The Search Forex and specializes in PPC, SEO, and affiliate marketing. He has improved the ROI and made…

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Anish is an experienced AdWords specialist, with a command over strategy development and optimization of ad campaigns. He has untangled the puzzle of creating successful search…

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DevTeam: 3X Inbound Monthly Leads in 6 Months

DevTeam: 3X Inbound Monthly Leads in 6 Months

DevTeam is a platform to help people find the best developers and development teams. Background: We began working with DevTeam…


“Knowing cool growth hacks doesn’t make you a great marketer. They practice what they preach, both for their own brand and for various clients.”

Julias Baron, Head of Growth

@ Bud.com

“They provide the most actionable resources and have a one-of-a-kind community for connecting professionals.”

Bruno Estrella, Growth Manager

@ Webflow

“They provide the most actionable resources and have a one-of-a-kind community for connecting professionals.”

Lucy Zhao, Senior Growth Marketer

@ Uber Eats

How to Hire AdWords Experts through The Product Company


Your Vision

An AdWords expert will work with you to understand your goals, marketing needs, and team structure.

Work With Vetted Marketers

We'll put you in touch with the right AdWords expert for your project.

Talent-Product Fit

Work only with AdWords expert who have case studies relevant to your vision, ensuring you work with the best for the job.


At The Product Company, we vet our AdWords experts to ensure we only match you with the best skills. You’ll work with an AdWords expert (never salespeople) to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics. What you get is expert vetted talent from our network, custom matched to fit your company goals.

Depending on availability and how fast you can progress, you could start working with an AdWords expert within 48 hours of signing up.

At The Product Company, we run one of the largest communities online for marketers called “Product & Growth.” The community has over 28,000 members. This is where we source AdWords experts from to ensure we provide you with top-skilled marketers.

An AdWords expert is a professional who specializes in using the Google AdWords (now Google Ads) platform to attract search traffic, get leads, boost brand awareness, and increase conversions for businesses.

They are responsible for planning out and executing ad campaigns that target prospects on Google, its partner websites (Google Display Network), or both.

AdWords experts carefully select the right target audience to capture, set an appropriate budget, and prepare the content (copy and design/video) for the ads

They also monitor the performance of their ads, perform experiments, and optimize their strategies accordingly to ensure that the campaigns bring in great return on investment.

Managing AdWords campaigns is mostly a technical job, with some level of creativity involved.

There are certain technical areas that every AdWords expert should have ample experience with, including:

  • Google Ads platform
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Google Display Network advertising
  • Keyword research
  • Analytics and reporting
  • A/B or split testing
  • Bidding strategies
  • Copywriting
  • Landing page optimization

Additionally, having the following soft skills can come in handy:

  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity

The path to becoming an AdWords expert is a bit more straightforward and less flexible than other marketing fields.

There is a certain certification that you’d have to complete to be globally recognized as an AdWords expert, followed by some steps you’d need to take to stand out as a competent profile.

Here are the details, broken down into steps:

  • First and foremost, you need to start by learning all there is to know about Google Ads – how they work, the different strategies you can use, etc. Google Skillshop (where you’ll get the certification) has 145 minutes’ worth of free learning material.
  • Once you’ve built up a solid foundation, read up on any additional learning material you can find. You can read the guides and blog posts of industry leaders for this purpose.
  • When you think you’re ready, sign up for Google Skillshop, take an assessment, and become Google Ads certified (it’s all free).
  • Share your newly-earned credentials with the world on your LinkedIn profile, resume, and/or personal website to attract prospects or recruiters.
  • Actively look for projects that you can use to flex your AdWords muscles. The more campaigns you manage, the better you’ll get at the job.

Remember – there’s nothing legally stopping anyone without a Google Ads certification to manage campaigns. But earning the certification will make you seem more qualified.

A Google AdWords expert can earn anywhere between $37,000 to $65,000 per year in the US.

The average salary of AdWords experts is $50,729/year.

It’s not easy hiring a capable AdWords expert from the internet.

While you can always verify their AdWords certification, you can’t always verify their experience. And with Google Ads, experience matters more than credentials.

Which is why, hiring a pre-vetted AdWords expert is the safest route.

All AdWords experts on The Product Company have been tested and vetted, ensuring that you’ll get the best talent out there.

Top AdWords experts are in high demand: