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9 Top Product Management Certifications Online in 2023

Looking for the best product management certifications? You’re on the right page.  Ever since we got into product marketing and management, we’ve been recommending a product marketing certification to anyone looking to expand their skill set. Yes, you can grow and gain more skills without getting certified. However, there is no substitute for the knowledge you gain through a bona fide product management certification course. Part of the reason for this is the...

6 Best Medical Writing Certification Courses

Looking for the best medical writing certification courses? You’re at the right place then. Medical writing is a profession that involves the creation of scientific research documents, and a writer with a medical writing certification creates these documents. The demand for qualified medical and health writers who can interpret complex research, statistical, and clinical data and alter the information for investors, regulators, the medical community, and the general public is...

6 Top Human Resources (HR) Certifications Online in 2023

Looking for top human resources certifications online? We’ve got you covered with some of the best courses.  Ever since we’ve been involved in people management, we’ve realized and always recommended an HR certification to anyone looking to expand their human resources skill set. Yes, it’s true that anyone can gain more skills and advance their career without getting certified. However, there’s no replacing the hands-on knowledge and practical skills you...

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7 Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy Examples to Inspire Yours [In 2023]

Launching a new product (or entering a new market, for that matter), isn’t easy. How can you ensure that you’ll hit the right KPIs and achieve your broader business goals? For that very reason, in order to improve their odds, businesses leverage a tool known as a GTM strategy (go-to-market strategy). With an effective GTM strategy, you can reduce your time to market, increase adoption rates/conversions, decrease chances of failure,...

The Customer Onboarding Process in 6 Steps [+Checklist]

In a world where your customers have potentially hundreds of other options to choose from, conversions alone aren’t enough. As a result, every other business is doubling down on customer onboarding – a systematic way of building a long-term relationship with new customers and reducing churn. Thanks to the wide-scale availability of resources and new tech, the concept of monopolies is coming to an end. Today, most industries/niches have multiple...

7 Best SaaS Marketing Strategy Examples to Inspire You

The digital marketing industry was revamped when the concept of SaaS businesses was introduced. A business model based on cloud architecture, marketing automation, and niche target audiences was bound to shake the business world. This has created a need for SaaS marketing, since typical marketing approaches aren’t good enough for SaaS products. According to Statista, the global SaaS industry will be valued at $157 billion in 2020. The success of...

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The 5 Types of Customer Satisfaction Metrics [+How to Measure Them]

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure of business success. Zero negative experiences and a set of positive customer satisfaction metrics throughout the customer’s journey are the Holy Grail for any company. This is particularly true in a day and age when there are always competitors around the corner to take your customers.  This calls for ensuring that your customers are very satisfied with your brand. But, how do you measure customer satisfaction? How do you know what...

4 Value Based Pricing Examples to Inspire You

People will pay for what they consider a good product, one that somehow improves their life. But, making such a product and building the confidence of consumers in it is easier said than done. This is why value based pricing is the Holy Grail of pricing models. It’s a pricing strategy behind some of the world’s biggest companies.  It’s the key to a dream profit margin. It’s also a double-edged sword that can make...

19 Product Manager Analytics You Need to Know

Product management is an important part of the product development process. Product managers are responsible for maximizing customer value, and they need to be able to understand their customers in order to do this.  Product manager analytics helps them better understand how their products are being used so that they can make more informed decisions about future iterations and releases.  In this post, we’ll go over 19 different great product...

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10 Top Product Management Training Courses in 2023

Are you interested in enrolling in a course to improve your capabilities as a product manager?  Product management, project management, and product strategy are complicated jobs requiring a dedicated product team, product leadership, and constant training courses. That’s where product management courses come in. Great product managers are those who are always learning. Just because you’re a professional product manager doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about...

7 Best Sensitivity Training Programs: Reviews and Pricing

Are you on the lookout for the leading sensitivity training programs? It is common for employees at any workplace to consciously or unconsciously develop biases against each other. This is where sensitivity and diversity training programs come in. They resolve such issues and create a work environment without prejudices. cookies Sensitivity and diversity training programs create a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees. It is common for employees at...

Best Discrimination Training Programs 2023: Reviews and Pricing

Are you looking for the leading discrimination training programs in 2023? Discrimination can be a difficult and painful experience, whether in the workplace or elsewhere. As such, we must create spaces for people to learn about discrimination and how to avoid it. Whether a business owner or an employee looking for the best discrimination training programs, this post is for you! We’ll review some of the top programs available today...