8 Best Data Analytics Boot Camps in 2023

Are you trying to find the best data analytics boot camps in 2023? We can help you out.

From the internet to smartphones to electronics cars to cybersecurity to healthcare to IoT and beyond, we generated more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day in 2018. By 2025, we will cross 463 exabytes. All this data is of no use without analytics.

Data analytics is a growing industry because businesses need experts to analyze the vast amount of data for decision-making. According to The Future of Jobs Report 2023, bit data analytics will be one of the key technologies by 2025. And with this adoption comes tons of data analytics jobs across all sectors, including healthcare, cybersecurity, automobile, eCommerce, and more.

If you are interested in pursuing your career in data analytics, you can take multiple routes, but nothing works better than data analytics boot camps. Even if you have a relevant data analytics degree (MBA or a bachelor’s degree), enrolling in an appropriate and reliable data analytics boot camp will help you land a job as you’ll get skills with high market demand.

However, you need to select the right data analytics boot camp that is reliable, reputable, recognized in the industry, and delivers results.

We did the heavy lifting for you and shortlisted the best data analytics boot camps after analyzing, reviewing, and comparing them. Check out the following list and choose the boot camp that fits your needs.

1. DataCamp – A Data Analytics Bootcamp

DataCamp is an excellent online data analytics bootcamp for data analysts. The program offers a wide variety of interactive and informative courses. You get a certification upon completion, which helps you with your career growth.

You have to sign up for one of their paid plans to get access to their 300+ courses, highly qualified instructors, and learning materials. These courses include assessments, case studies, daily challenges, videos, tutorials, and lectures. The information is easily accessible and organized. There is no need to set aside hours for research.

The course aims to help you prepare for a progressive data science career. Therefore, you are given many real-world problems during the training course, which help you develop skills and a better understanding of data science.

If you are unsure which course is for you, you can take a free assessment. This helps you discover your strengths, skillset, and weakness before the data analytics program begins. This allows you to choose the ideal online data analytics course.

Because of these and many other features, we rank DataCamp as the leading data science bootcamp.

Key Features

  • Track your progress throughout the course
  • Daily challenges improve your skills
  • The courses are comprehensive and interactive
  • Run the course from your browser. DataCamp does not need any installation
  • Easy for beginners
  • Free trial before you pay for a plan


Here is the pricing of each plan:

  • $12.4 per month for Standard
  • $33.25 per month for Premium
  • $25.00 per month per user for Professional
  • Contact for the Enterprise plan

Key Takeaways

DataCamp Data Analytics Bootcamp is an excellent platform for seasoned analysts and beginners. It gives the right boost to your career by helping you find better opportunities. It is a comprehensive data science course that covers all the essential topics.

2. Springboard

Springboard data analytics bootcamp

Springboard offers a career-focused coding boot camp that helps you become a data analyst and land a perfect job after completion. It is made in partnership with Microsoft and is suitable for analysts with previous experience.

Springboard has five units, and you have to cover them one after another:

  1. Framing structured thinking
  2. Business problem analysis
  3. Data connection using SQL
  4. Python for data visualization
  5. Analysis communication (and reporting)


Here is an overview of the major Springboard coding boot camp program info:

  • A 6-month online boot camp that focuses on multiple aspects of data analytics
  • A part-time schedule where you invest under 20 hours per week
  • It comes with guaranteed job placement in 6 months after completion
  • A robust curriculum including SQL, Python programming, structured thinking, intermediate excel pivot tables, and analyzing business problems
  • 1:1 mentorship with unlimited mentor calls
  • The pricing is quite flexible with deferred and monthly payment plans

Key Takeaways

Springboard data analytics boot camp is an ideal advanced boot camp for experienced individuals with at least two years of professional experience. It is focused on upskilling and helping you get a better job as a data analyst or business analyst.

It is priced at $6,600 and offers you multiple payment options, e.g., monthly, deferred, and credit loans.

3. Thinkful


Thinkful offers a full-time four-month data analytics training boot camp for beginners and people who want to switch careers. Since it is a full-time course that helps you get a job in data analytics, it is suitable for everyone.


The key features of the Thinkful coding boot camp are:

  • An online full-time boot camp that is suitable for beginners who want to grab a decent opportunity right at the start of the career
  • 1-on-1 mentorship and a support team that is always there to answer your queries
  • It lets you enroll with zero fees, and you can pay when you get a job (at least $40K per year)
  • Several financing options include income share agreement, month-to-month loan, etc.


Thinkful is one of the most expensive data analytics boot camps, with a price tag of $12,250.

Key Takeaways

Thinkful offers a lot of value to the candidates, but it doesn’t provide any job guarantee like Springboard. Being a full-time online boot camp, it is ideal for beginners and people who want to change their careers. If there is one thing that might turn a lot of potential candidates away is its price.

If you are interested, you can check out program info and the financing options where you can start without paying a penny.

4. General Assembly


General Assembly offers both online and on-campus data analytics bootcamps for beginners. If you want to upgrade your skillset and learn SQL, Excel, Tableau, and leading data analytics tools, you must join the General Assembly’s bootcamp. If you don’t prefer learning online, you’ll love General Assembly, as you can enroll in an on-campus bootcamp in your nearest center.


Here is an overview of the major features and program info of this data analytics boot camp:

  • A perfect bootcamp for beginners who want to start their career in data analytics
  • A 10-week part-time schedule boot camp with a flexible pace
  • You can study online and on campus. Available in North America, Europe, Australia, and Singapore
  • Learn how to use data analytics tools and other technical skills such as CSS, Python, JavaScript, HTML, etc.
  • Attend an information session to see if it’s the right place for you
  • No prerequisite to joining the bootcamp
  • Multiple financing options include an installment plan and an interest-free loan.


At $3,950, it is an expensive bootcamp without a 1-on-1 mentorship and job guarantee.

Key Takeaways

The coding bootcamp by the General Assembly is a perfect choice for beginners, including those who don’t know anything about data analytics.

This is a decent option if you are looking for a basic-level data analytics bootcamp.

5. CareerFoundry


CareerFoundry has a beginner-friendly analytics boot camp. An eight-week or five-week online bootcamp helps you acquire the necessary technical skills to become a data analyst. You only need to invest less than 15 hours per week, making it an ideal bootcamp for individuals already doing a job. You work with an industry expert with at least five years of relevant experience.


The key CareerFoundry features include:

  • An online self-paced boot camp
  • Beginner-friendly and perfect for career-changers
  • The duration is flexible as you can select your own pace
  • No admission pre-requisites
  • It comes with a job guarantee. If you don’t get a job within six months of graduating, you can apply for a full refund
  • You learn SQL, Python, data visualization and storytelling, intermediate Excel, fundamental statistics, and data mining
  • Work with your mentor to create your job-ready portfolio
  • You can choose to pay monthly if you are short of funds


With a price tag of $6,900 and a solid job guarantee, CareerFoundry happens to be a decent choice for beginners.

Key Takeaways

There aren’t any admission prerequisites so getting started is easy. However, financing options are limited as you can switch to monthly payment with an upfront payment of $2,100.

It gets hard for candidates with limited funds to enroll.

6. BrainStation


BrainStation has a part-time 10-week data analytics bootcamp that is suitable for beginners. It is an engaging course with live lectures making it one of the most interactive boot camps. You can take it online or on-campus if you are in Toronto, New York, or Vancouver.

Here is a basic overview of the course:

  1. Data foundation and organization
  2. Data cleaning and analysis
  3. Databases and dataset trends
  4. Reporting and presenting data


The key BrainStation data analytics boot camp features include:

  • Beginner-friendly with no hard and fast prerequisites
  • Part-time making it ideal for people who are already doing a job
  • You learn Excel, MySQL, and Tableau as data analytics tools
  • Complete a project to earn your certificate
  • It has live sessions and guest speakers from the industry that makes sessions interactive
  • Flexible payment options, including a monthly payment plan


BrainStation offers an interactive boot camp at $3,950 with multiple payment options.

Key Takeaways

It is suitable for beginners who want practical data analytics knowledge and skills. However, it doesn’t come with a job guarantee and personalized mentorship.

7. CodeOp

CodeOp data analytics bootcamp

codeop offers a part-time six-month data analytics boot camp with under 6 hours of commitment per week. It is strictly for women and the TGNC community and is one of the few boot camps in Europe. It is perfect for beginners who want to start a career in data science or data analytics. The course is online, but you can take it in person in Barcelona and Kuala Lampur. You can set your own pace and complete the boot camp according to your schedule.

The boot camp has eight modules:

  1. Introduction to programming
  2. Programing for data analytics
  3. Infrastructure and SQL
  4. Statistics
  5. Machine learning
  6. Advanced data analytics
  7. Project
  8. Career preparation


Here is an overview of the leading features of the CodeOp boot camp:

  • Beginner-friendly boot camp for anyone who wants to pursue a career in data analytics
  • Self-paced making it an ideal choice for people who are already working
  • Ideal for working women and the TGNC community
  • A comprehensive boot camp that covers everything in detail
  • Learn Linux applications, Python, SQL, NoSQL, machine learning, AB testing, GeoSpatial analysis, and NLP
  • Career prep helps you land a relevant job
  • Several financing options are available


The bootcamp is $8,870 with low-interest financing options.

Key Takeaways

CodeOp is an ideal and perhaps the best choice for women and the TGNC community. It doesn’t offer any job guarantee, and you don’t get personalized one-to-one mentorship. This makes it an expensive option, but since it is the only boot camp for women and TGNC, you shouldn’t hesitate to join the community if you can afford it.

8. Harvard University Business Analytics Course

Harvard University Business Analytics Course

Harvard University’s Business Analytics course is your best bet if you are looking for an affordable yet reliable data analytics course. It isn’t a data analytics course. Instead, it is more focused on the business side of data analytics. It is a fully online course having eight weeks duration. It is ideal for beginners who know nothing about data analytics.


The major features include:

  • A beginner-friendly online course
  • A self-paced eight weeks course
  • Equips you with skills that will help you land a job
  • You get a certificate of completion
  • Prepares you for more advanced data analytics boot camps


With a price tag of $1,600, Harvard University Business Analytics course is best for absolute beginners who are on a budget.

Key Takeaways

It doesn’t come with a job guarantee, financing options, and personalized mentorship. But yes, it is reputable since you’ll get a certificate from Harvard, and it will help you understand the data analytics basics that will prepare you for advanced boot camps.

Other Options

There are many other excellent online bootcamps that you can opt for. Here are a few alternatives that are worth exploring:

What Data Analytics Boot Camp You Need to Select?

Let’s admit this: There aren’t any right or wrong data analytics boot camps. The one that suits your needs is right for you.

Setting your priorities is the best way to pick the best boot camp. Ask yourself what the most important feature you are interested in is? Is it a job guarantee, mentorship, price, financing options, weekly commitment, learning, etc.?

If your goal is to get a job after graduating, you must opt for a boot camp that gives you a job guarantee. On the other hand, if you are interested in learning Python programming, select a boot camp that teaches you the same.

Setting your goal and priorities upfront will help you enroll in the right and the best data analytics boot camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most questions about data analytics bootcamps.

Are data analytics bootcamps worth it?

Data analytics bootcamps are worth it if you want to learn data skills and improve with data analysis. Moreover, if you’re looking to increase your salary substantially.

How much is data analytics boot camp?

A data analytics bootcamp can cost as much as $13,000.

How to choose a good data analytics boot camp?

When looking for a data analytics bootcamp, analyze the course curriculum and structure – how much can you learn in the available time? Are the instructors industry experts or just career professionals with limited experience? These answers will help you pick the right bootcamp.

Which is the best data analytics boot camp?

The best data analytics bootcamp is the one that already has a track record of success and has been around for a while.

What is a data analytics boot camp?

A data analytics boot camp is a short-term intensive course that provides a condensed data analytics education that will get you up and running with the skills needed in today’s competitive marketplace.

What can I do after finishing data analytics boot camp?

After completing your data analyst bootcamp, you’ll have all the tools necessary for success as an entry-level data professional.

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