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General Assembly Product Manager Review: Is it Worth it?

Product management is a very competitive field and there are many new programs coming out all of the time. The question of whether or not you should enroll in the General Assembly’s Product Management course really depends on what you’re looking for.

Whether you are trying to build a better resume or land a job at a startup, the General Assembly Product Manager course might be a good starting point for you.

In this post, we’ll talk about the pros and cons, course agenda, valuable skills, and pricing to help you make an informed decision.

What is General Assembly?

General Assembly is a world leader in product management training. Founded in 2010, General Assembly has quickly grown into one of the most prestigious institutions helping students get product management jobs around the world.

With over 100 different educational programs to choose from, students have access to courses that cover everything from web development and user experience design to data science and business management expertise.

General Assembly Online Product Management Courses

The product management program offered at General Assembly is composed of two different tracks: the Product Management Course and the Product Management 101 (Online). The programs are designed for students with a range of backgrounds, from marketing and design to engineering and computer science.

Let’s take a quick look at them:

1. Online Product Management Course

The General Assembly Product Management course is usually delivered in a series of six, three-week modules. It’s designed to help students improve their product design skills to create and launch successful products.

The choice between taking 10 weeks as a part-time course versus 1 week with the accelerated learning program is important for anyone looking to improve their communication abilities quickly — it’s worth considering all factors before making up your mind.

This product management course has an average rating of four stars on Class Central with over 600 reviews from users who have taken this course before. That should make you feel more confident when deciding whether or not to take this class.

What are the Pros and Cons of The Online Product Management Course?

Like any other product, the Online Product Management Course from General Assembly has its pros and cons. Here are the pros:

1. Increase your connection network

You’ll be networking with other product managers, designers, marketers, and developers as you go through this course. You’re going to learn from people who are working in the field every day so they can give you firsthand knowledge and key concepts of what it’s like working on a team where everyone has different skill sets.

2. Get help from your employer

The Online Product Management course can be sponsored by your employer. They’ll provide a sponsorship package that will be delivered to your employer so they can just pay for it for you to get access to the course.

3. Prepare yourself before the course begins

The course is designed to help you get started with product management by familiarizing yourself beforehand with self-paced preparatory lessons.

4. Get expert guidance

The course curriculum is designed to offer the opportunity for expert guidance. Personalized instruction will be available in sessions with a product manager and alumni of the General Assembly’s Product Management Certificate Program.

5. Improve your portfolio

Once you finish the course, you’ll have a portfolio of projects and work samples to present to prospective employers. This will be useful when looking for jobs as an executive, product manager, designer, or entrepreneur looking to explore the field of product management.

6. Improve your product management skills

By taking this product management course, you will improve your skills in developing and executing a product strategy, defining market opportunities, creating competitive strategies, managing teams to deliver products on time and within budget.

You’ll also learn how to measure the performance of your products by using data-driven insights from customers.

And you’ll leave with an understanding of Agile methods for delivering products, and a certification in Product Management.

7. Select your own schedules

You can also select your own schedules and start dates. The regular course is 10 weeks long. However, if you need to speed up the process, there is a 1-week option available. This flexibility is something part-time students can use.

Now, let’s take a look at the cons. The General Assembly Product Manager Course is pretty good overall. However, there is an aspect of the course that is not so good: It might be a little too expensive.

In general, I think this is a good course to take if you want to learn more about managing products and how they are made. But it does really depend on your needs and desires as an individual.

If you’re looking for something cheaper, there are other courses out there that might work better for your budget; just do research before signing up so that you know exactly what kind of product managers training would be best suited to your current situation.

How Much Does the General Assembly Certificate Course Cost?

The full tuition fee is $3,950. If you pay the whole amount upfront, you can save up to 250 dollars. Payment installments will cost as low as 988 and the other plans are just different amounts of installments based on your needs or finances.

2. Product Management 101 (Online)

This is the second product management program you can get at General Assembly.

This course has a variety of activities, including a final project where you will create your own product from scratch (and then present it to the world). Also, group assignments where you work with classmates on different aspects of product management, pre-work tasks which help prepare you for each class day’s lessons — this goes beyond just reading material.

You can also join users in Slack channels or Facebook groups as well so that they can answer any questions about their courses. You’ll even get access to top industry leaders who provide advice specific to those who are taking Product Management 101.

After completing this product managers certification, you should be able to perform well at the following tasks:

  • Devise problem statements that will lead to solutions.
  • Recognize the risks of your product idea.
  • Design a basic minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Identify the best customer for your product and create a persona to represent them.
  • Create a product roadmap for stakeholders
  • Analyze the competition and design your marketing plan based on data analytics.
  • Develop a long term strategy for scaling your business model


The pros of the General Assembly Product Management course is that it can help you get a more in-depth understanding of what product management entails. There are lots of exercises and videos to ensure your knowledge isn’t just theoretical but put into practice.

Another benefit is that you are introduced to a wide range of tools and techniques, which can be applied in the real world.


Although the General Assembly Product Management course is well-organized and clear, the content can be quite repetitive.

Also, it can be difficult to keep up with the coursework. The General Assembly Product Management course requires a lot of time and effort, which may not always be worth it for some people.

How Much Does The General Assembly Product Manager Course Cost?

The General Assembly Product Manager course is completely free and can be taken from anywhere in the world. The fact this General Assembly course is free is a huge advantage since it makes it accessible to everyone.

Best General Assembly Product Manager Alternatives

There are other alternatives to General Assembly Product Management. Let’s take a look at the best of them:

1. One Week PM (Product Manager HQ (PMHQ)

The One Week PM course by PMHQ is a product management certification that will allow you to learn to master key product management skills, how to ace technical interviews, and stand out as a more technical candidate to land a job as a product manager. Some of the topics you’ll be learning on this course are:

  • How to Choose your Tech Framework
  • How to create high-performance software products
  • How to create high-quality software products
  • Understanding User Behavior
  • Securing Your Product and User Data Privacy
  • System Design Framework
  • Etc.

2. Product Management Certification by Product School

Product School is an immersive, online product management certification program. You will learn from great product managers who are expert product strategists in the field of Product Management and get access to a network of top professionals. Some of the topics you’ll be learning on this course are:

  • The Role Of A Product Manager in project management
  • How To Conduct User Research
  • How to set product goals
  • User Flows And Wireframes
  • Product marketing and product lifecycles.
  • Etc.

3. Brand and Product Manager Certification by Coursera

In this course, you’ll learn how to manage a brand and product portfolio. You will also get insights into the role of a customer-focused marketer in an organization. Some of the topics covered in this course are:

  • Brand Management And Strategy
  • Product Development Processes — Design Thinking Methodology
  • Marketing Research Techniques For Product Managers Etc

How Can You Prepare to be a Product Manager?

Apart from the Assembly General Product Manager Courses, there are other ways you can prepare to be a product manager. For example, you can take a course in programming or design to learn how these aspects of product management work.

Also, there are other Product Manager Certification bootcamps such as the Product Manager HQ: Product Management Bootcamp or Berkeley Product Management Courses. So before making up your mind, you should consider all the options out there.

Does The General Assembly Product Manager Certificate Meet Employers’ Demands?

The general assembly product manager certificate is well-known because it equips you with the skills to work as a product manager in any industry. And, if your goal is to be hired by startups or even established companies, this course will help you meet product management education requirements.

This certificate will allow you to learn the skills of a product manager, which is an essential component in this dynamic industry. In today’s competitive marketplaces, this certificate will help you land better jobs and make a pretty decent salary with a full-time job.

The General Assembly Product Manager Certificate is an investment in your future and gives you the opportunity to fast-track your way into a promising career.

This course will also equip you with skills that are universally applicable across industries, so it’s not like you’re just learning how to manage products for one company; this training will help you in any company, startup, or established.

You’ll also get the opportunity to make connections with other product managers that will last a lifetime and learn from top-notch mentors who are at the forefront of innovation.

In short, although this is not the only reputable product management course out there, the General Assembly Product Manager Course is worth trying if you want to start your career with a solid resume.

Is the General Assembly Product Management Course Worth it?

In general, General Assembly is a great investment for people who are interested in Product Management careers since it gives them a good overview of what they will be doing as product managers and how the different aspects of their job work.

That said, there might not be enough information about specific topics such as research or marketing that are important to understand but which aren’t covered by this course.

So if you’re more specialized or looking to get into these areas then another option would make sense but otherwise, the General Assembly’s Product Manager Certification Course is worth considering.


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