What Does a Digital Marketing Consultant Do? Roles and Responsibilities

In the digital marketing industry, you can specialize in various forms of marketing, depending on your organization and expertise. However, a digital marketing consultant is an expert in various fields of digital marketing because they tend to offer complete consulting services.

While some digital marketing consultants tend to focus on a niche like a specific form of marketing or industry, others focus on going all-in with various forms of marketing. Whatever the case, successful digital marketing is all about putting in the right effort at the right time at the right place. In other words, you need an absolutely killer digital marketing strategy, and that’s where most digital marketing consultants shine.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look into the roles, duties, and abilities of a digital marketing consultant.

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Who is a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketing consultant is a multiple-skilled marketer who understands the complexities of various online marketing systems. They use various online digital marketing strategies to specifically target certain groups of people and turn them into leads and customers.

Typically, a digital marketing consultant works with a few determined marketing sources. The most common ways to engage an audience include the following.

  • Search Engines – The entire world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes under the digital marketing umbrella. Every digital marketing consultant is expected to have an SEO strategy as part of their digital marketing strategy.
  • Social Media Platforms – Social media marketing is also a massive part of any digital marketing strategy. Therefore, digital marketing consultants are expected to have a good understanding of the major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Paid Advertising – Many established businesses rely on paid advertising, otherwise known as PPC marketing (Pay-Per-Click). A digital marketing consultant needs to have a basic understanding of a good PPC strategy.
  • Email Campaigns – Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing and still relevant. Digital marketing consultants need to know how to deploy a complete email marketing campaign.
  • Website Blog and Copy – The website’s copy and its blog is a major factor in determining a website’s standing in the search engines. Otherwise known as content marketing, digital marketing consultants are expected to be able to design and deploy a complete content marketing strategy for a website.

Most digital marketing consulting services offer different experts for each form of marketing. However, if you’re hiring a digital marketing consultant, make sure that they have a basic understanding of the roles listed above.

What Does a Digital Marketing Consultant Do – Duties and Tasks

While digital marketing consultants are expected to have a working knowledge of all sorts of online marketing, most of them tend to focus on a niche. That’s why their roles and responsibilities tend to vary depending on the industry, organizations, and the products and services they’re working with.

In any case, their final goal is to leverage the online world to help businesses achieve their goals and scale efficiently.

The following duties, tasks, and responsibilities are what the typical digital marketing consultant has to manage.

  • Offer insights into the business’s current digital marketing strategy through a complex and rigorous audit.
  • Advise, suggest, and implement various improvements in things like SEO, email marketing, social media, web design, and existing digital marketing campaigns.
  • Discover new business ideas, new ways to engage with customers, and how to improve lead generation.
  • Improve the overall company branding and focus on developing brand affinity.
  • Increase daily client engagement and open up more digital channels to improve communications through creative marketing campaigns.
  • Improve the business’s Google ranking by optimizing web pages, doing keyword research, improving the content marketing strategy, and through better web development.
  • Help improve the state of the landing pages, website blog, and individual website pages.
  • Work with various social media influencers to improve brand visibility.
  • Monitor the target audience to find out what the business needs to do to resonate better with the customers.
  • Help improve conversion optimization to increase the total number of conversions per lead.
  • Enable and implement marketing automation where it’s applicable.

The duties, tasks, and responsibilities listed above summarize the typical digital marketing consultant job description. However, some organizations may include additional responsibilities depending on the industry.

What Does a Digital Marketing Consultant Do – Skills and Abilities

Digital marketers can have varying levels of responsibilities requiring different skills and abilities. However, there are some basic qualifications, skills, and abilities that each digital marketing consultant should have in any case.

On average, the digital marketing consultant should have the following qualifications, skills, and abilities.

  • A bachelor’s degree in any marketing field or any related field. However, it’s not necessarily an absolute requirement.
  • Prior work experience as a digital marketer or in any specific marketing field. Most digital marketing consultants are expected to have at least 5-10 years of experience.
  • Certifications from reputable marketing organizations and associations in different marketing fields.
  • It’s crucial to be completely knowledgeable in the fields of SEO, social media, email marketing, content marketing, paid advertising, and web design.
  • Working knowledge of various computer programs, WordPress, and marketing software, such as Google Analytics.
  • Complete knowledge of various Google services, such as Google Ads, Google AdWords, and more.
  • Know-how of various e-commerce stores work is crucial if the organization is product-based.
  • The ability to work with startups, different kinds of business owners, and marketing strategists is necessary.
  • Should be able to understand, work with, and explain various marketing metrics, such as customer satisfaction metrics, lifetime value, etc.
  • It’s crucial to have an excellent understanding of various marketing tools that may be used.
  • Ability to launch a complete successful digital marketing plan to create multiple online presences is needed.
  • Should understand how reputation management, customer retention, and other such concepts work.
  • Should be able to provide a positive return on investment on all marketing efforts.
  • Needs to have excellent interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, and research skills.

The skills, requirements, and abilities listed above are, on average, what organizations expect from digital marketing consultants. However, each organization may have slightly different expectations from digital marketing services.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Consultant

According to Glassdoor, the average digital marketing consultant salary in the United States can be rounded up to $49,167. The typical salary range is between $31,000 and $99,000, with the higher end being offered in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

In any case, digital marketing consultant rates and salaries tend to vary depending on the region, industry, and type of organization. Furthermore, it also depends on what kind of digital marketing services the company requires at any given point.

In the world of consultancy, you have to become an absolute expert in your industry. Becoming a marketing expert requires years of experience, extensive knowledge, and lots of investment. Working for a full-service digital marketing agency is a great way to start as it offers a glimpse into various marketing avenues.

Alternatively, you can work in various capacities, such as a social media marketer, email marketer, search engine optimizer, content marketer, and more. In that way, you can directly experience various marketing styles and avenues.

When you have a complete understanding of how each form of marketing works, you can develop better and more all-encompassing digital marketing strategies. As a digital marketing consultant, you would not only be developing a complete strategy but also overseeing its implementation. To do that appropriately, you need to understand the intricacies of each marketing form.

Lastly, you may consider doing additional certifications and courses from different marketing associations, institutions, and learning centers.

Becoming a Great Marketer

Becoming a great digital marketing consultant is about being good at developing relationships. Happy customers will leave positive testimonials, ratings, and comments on various platforms, strengthening your reach.

It’s crucial to always communicate with your customers and keep up with them at all times. Even if you’re not working with a company or person anymore, it’s always best to catch up every once in a while.

Digital marketing consultants that focus on creating great business relationships, along with their duties, tend to become more successful in any industry.

Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder of The Product Company.