What Does an Associate Product Manager Do?

You might be wondering what the specific role of an associate product manager in a company is.

Every company has a product and it’s the responsibility of an Associate Product Manager to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Associate Product Managers are responsible for managing all aspects of their products, including planning, analysis, implementation, and evaluation. As you can imagine this requires quite a bit of dedication as well as experience in order to be successful.

This article will go over what an Associate Product Manager does — from responsibilities to salary expectations — so you’ll know if it’s the right career path for you.

What is an Associate Product Manager?

An associate product manager is a product strategist who manages all aspects of a company’s product. They’re in charge of implementing, analyzing, and evaluating the product to make sure that it’s up-to-par with customer expectations.

Associate product managers also take care of the launch of new products to make sure that they’re successful. They are in charge of managing and overseeing product development, sales, marketing, customer service, pricing strategy decisions, and more.

What Does an Associate Product Manager do?

An Associate Product Manager’s primary responsibilities are to ensure that the product is providing value for its target audience. They also have a broader perspective of how customer service affects and supports sales, marketing, pricing strategy decisions, and other business functions.

Associate product managers work hand in hand with the executive team such as the senior product manager and the chief product officer to review and improve existing products, customer needs, product organization, and product vision, and product goals.

Associate product managers functions include:

1. Manage the product development process

The product development process consists of creating new product prototypes, conducting market research to gauge the target audience’s reaction and interest in the prototype, iterating on design cycles until a final product is created.

An Associate Product Manager will help with this process by translating customer feedback into actionable insights for developers or initiating changes internally where necessary for product enhancements.

2. Doing market research

An associate product manager will evaluate the demand for a new product by examining the current market and conducting a customer survey.

This is important for many reasons, including determining whether or not there are enough potential customers to make it worth investing in manufacturing an entirely new product.

An Associate Product Manager will also evaluate other factors such as market share, competition, and cost of production before recommending a course of action based on the findings.

3. Research industry trends

Researching industry trends is also an important part of the job.

With a plethora of new products coming on to the market all the time, it’s difficult for any product manager to know what will be popular in 12 months’ time- so they need to keep up with trends and changes within their industry.

This is where research comes into play: Associate Product Managers research new product trends, competitors and their products, and the market as a whole in order to stay ahead of the game.

4. Launch new products

An associate product manager is also in charge of launching new products.

This involves a number of different tasks, such as organising and coordinating product launches with the marketing team- which includes creating press releases or advertising campaigns to tell customers about the new product.

Some Associate Product Managers also liaise directly with suppliers for their company’s production and distribution channels, negotiating price levels before recommending courses of action to take.

5. Manage and oversee product development

The Associate Product Manager will also have a number of responsibilities related to product development.

This ranges from overseeing the process, creating timelines, and ensuring that new products are meeting quality standards before they’re released into the market- as well as working with engineers on ways to improve current products or updating them for newer technologies.

What do you need to become an Associate Product Manager?

In order to take on the role of an Associate Product Manager, you’ll need the following product management skills and PM education requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Knowledge of product management practices (e.g., skills in marketing, pricing strategy decisions)
  • Passion for the industry
  • Experience with new product development processes and analysis methods
  • Excellent written and oral communication capabilities as well as interpersonal skills to build relationships across divisional boundaries.

You can gain many of these skills by joining a product management bootcamp or taking a product management certification course.

To become an Associate Product Manager, make sure that your resume has a summary at its beginning which briefly states your career goals to show employers what you’re looking for; take courses in business administration or entrepreneurship programs if they are available on campus.

Start applying. This role is more competitive than ever before so you shouldn’t wait too long.

Associate Product Manager Salaries

The average Associate Product Manager salaries in the United States is $96,010 according to Glassdor. In addition to this base pay, there are incentives like bonuses and commission which can increase earnings significantly. The average hourly wage for an associate product manager is $46.15.

Associate product managers in San Francisco earn the highest wages at $124,133 annually with an hourly wage of $59.7. Following suit are Atlanta ($114,696), New York City ($107,915), and Washington D.C.($101,020).

Although The job pays the most in San Francisco; there are other high-paying cities including Los Angeles (120K), Seattle (119K) as well as Chicago (115 K).

Average Associate Product Manager Salary According To Company Size

The average product manager salary at a company with less than 25 employees is around $96,000 while the average Associate Product Manager Salary for companies of more than 1000 people ranges between $50-$110K.

How to Land an Associate Product Manager Job?

As I mentioned before, to become an associate product manager, you will need to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing and two years of work experience in the field.

You can go for an entry-level associate product manager with less than three years of experience by applying for open positions on sites like Monster, LinkedIn or Indeed. You should also check out recent postings from companies that interest you directly using their website search feature.

Also, it’s important that you write a resume that illustrates your skills and experience.

How to Write an Associate Product Manager Resume

To get a job in product management, one should have internships and full-time work experience with a focus on the skills that are needed for the position.

A sample associate product manager resume would include all of these: education (including any degrees), activities or organizations they belong to, their most recent internship as well as current or previous employment experiences.

If you can include case studies of successful products that have been marketed under your management, it’s a great idea to include those in your portfolio or at least a mention in your resume.

The resume also lists interests outside of school or work, awards received, languages spoken fluently, and other information about them.

Associate Product Manager vs Product Manager

The difference between an associate product manager vs a product manager is that an associate product manager is more focused on marketing or selling the product and a product manager addresses all aspects of the production.

The associate product manager’s main objective would be to increase sales while, as a Product Manager, you might work with other departments like engineering and design in order to ensure that products are delivered according to schedule.

A good example of this distinction can be seen by looking at Apple: there they have both positions covered through two different roles — Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing (or “product” management) and vice president of App Store Distribution & Marketing (or “sales” management).

An associate product manager job description may include being responsible for increasing customer satisfaction levels from their current level by 50% within six months. On the other hand, a traditional product manager would be tasked with coming up and managing the product from start to end, which includes everything like ideation, designing, engineering, pricing, etc.

Renowned Associate Product Managers to Look up to.

A good way of getting some inspiration is just taking a look at what other great product managers in the industry are working on. Some renowned Associate product managers and their duties are:

1. Jason Fried

Jason is the CEO and founder of Basecamp. He’s written a number of books and articles about product management, as well as how to work better.

Jason believes in the “lean startup” methodology which is focused on building products with minimum viable features that can be tested most quickly before moving forward.

2. Hiten Shah

Hiten is the Co-Founder of FYI and Co-Owner of Crazy Egg. He is a big proponent of product management. He’s written about the importance of customer feedback, how to use it for better decision making and what roles every team member should have in order to make prioritizing new features easier.

3. Ryan Hoover

Ryan launched Product Hunt in 2013 and it became a huge success. Ryan has helped launch over 150 products, with many of them becoming top-selling apps in the App Store and Google Play.

He advises product managers to follow these two steps: figure out what users need; use data analytics to figure out which features are most likely to sell or engage customers.

Why is an Associate Product Manager Important?

An associate product manager is a very important position to have in any company that relies on product management, especially at smaller companies. This is because it is so hard to find someone who can manage the entire product development process.

Therefore, an associate product manager is tasked with overseeing all of the product development processes, but not in a full-time capacity.

In short: An associate product manager plays an integral role in their team due to their ability to oversee the product at any point in time.


Josh Fechter
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