18 Best Product Manager Conferences

The global product management field is growing rapidly, with many product manager conferences popping up all over the world. With so many options out there, It can be difficult to choose a conference that meets your expectations. 

In this article, I’ll help you make that decision. I’ve compiled a list of the best product manager conferences from around the world, as well as information about what makes them great and where they are taking place.

Let’s take a look.

Best Product Manager Conferences 2022

1. UXFest Conference

Where: Virtual (The pandemic won’t be an issue)

When: June 1-3

Cost: £270

The UXFest Conference is the first conference of its kind in Europe. The three-day event offers a variety of talks and workshops, all while following an annual theme that determines what great product managers will be presenting at this year’s edition.

The UXFest Conference is different from other conferences because it focuses on one specific area – user experience design for UX designers. This makes for a more focused approach to product management than many other events offer.

In addition, they also offer virtual participation so you can attend without having to leave your home or office. 

2. Design Thinking & Innovation Week

Where: London, UK

When: June 1-4

Cost: £2200

This product management conference focuses on the design thinking process and product leadership and how they can be implemented into a company’s business.

The Design Thinking & Innovation Week hosts product strategists from around the world, which helps attendees learn about new ideas in this field and what is going on globally as well as locally. 

There are also opportunities to meet with other professionals who work in product management so that you have more networking time than typical conferences offer.

3. La Product Conf

Where: Paris, France

When: June 10

Cost: €525

This conference is perfect for those innovators who are just starting out in product management and want to learn more about the field.

The La Product Conf has a broad range of topics that will help you understand how being a product manager can lead you in different directions throughout your career, such as UX design or data analytics

It’s also good for recent graduates because it offers both theoretical and practical sessions so they have real-world experience when they start their job.

4. Dublin Tech Summit Virtual

Where: Virtual

When: June 17

Cost: TBC

This conference is perfect for those who are working remotely or have a small work team. 

The Dublin Tech Summit Virtual allows you to learn from international speakers and be part of an online community that promotes innovation in Ireland, Europe, and the world at large. There’s also information about how startup product management and how they can get funding here which will help if your company is looking for investment.

5. MTP Engage, Hamburg

Location: Hamburg

Date: June 23-25

Cost: TBC

MTP Engage is a great place to be introduced to the latest product management techniques and tools. It also features case studies from internationally acclaimed companies like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and many software product companies more.

This conference covers topics such as leadership skills for Product Managers, design thinking in Product Management, or how to manage your personal brand online during an event.

6. ProductCon

Where: Virtual

When: June 24, 2021, September 23, 2021, November 18, 2021, February 10, 2022

Cost: Free

Product Con is a one-day virtual conference offered by Product School that will be taking place on four separate occasions. Just like last year’s conference, it will cover topics such as best practices for product managers and marketers, how to build your personal brand online while you attend the event, or even why design thinking should play an important role in what goes into your products. 

There are also speakers from companies like Netflix who give their insights about their work with product design to product professionals. This is not only great for those looking at ways of making themselves better but it can help new entrepreneurs get started on building up ideas they have so far without profit potential just yet.

7. Design Thinking Conference

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

When: June 24-25

Cost: €995 (early bird)

The Design Thinking Conference is an event that will teach attendees how to use the design thinking process and apply it to any kind of industry. The conference itself takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands on June 24-25 at this time but they are also going abroad with a stop in Copenhagen later this year as well. Registration costs €995 or about $1200 USD early bird price – so if you’re interested be sure to register soon.

8. Product-Led Summit, Singapore

Where: Singapore

When: June 29-30

Cost: S$795

Product-Led Summit is a conference that will take place in Singapore on June 29 – 30. The event provides guidance and education for digital product managers by exploring the latest trends with speakers from different backgrounds. The summit costs S$795 or about $800 USD which includes food as well as access to all sessions, workshops, and networking events throughout the two days of the summit.

9. Agile on the Beach

Where: Falmouth, UK

When: TBC

Cost: £475 (early bird)

 – £695 (final early bird)

Agile on the Beach takes place in Falmouth, UK, and is an international conference designed for product managers. The event provides a unique opportunity to learn about new technologies, innovations, and best practices from the most knowledgeable speakers in Agile Product Management today. Early Bird tickets are available at £475 or $590 USD while final Early Bird costs up to £695 which includes access to all sessions plus lunch each day of the two-day event. 

10. An Event Apart, DC

Where: Washington DC, USA

When: July 12-14

Cost: $1500

An Event Apart in Washington DC is a three-day workshop event that focuses on keeping attendees up to date with the latest web design and development techniques. The conference will showcase the latest in web standards, accessibility, user experience design, and responsive layouts. 

Early Bird tickets are available for $750 or €700 EUR which includes access to all sessions plus lunch each day of the three-day event while final early bird costs up to $1500 USD which also includes breakfast and two lunches per day on top of an exclusive cocktail reception with a keynote speaker as well as VIP privileges such as reserved seating throughout the course of the conference.

An Event Apart DC is one of my picks for best product manager conferences because it offers attendees insight into what’s coming next from some really amazing speakers who have been involved in building some big products you may be able to name.

11. Agile2021

Where: Virtual

When: July 19-22

Cost: TBC

Agile2021 is a conference exploring the use of Agile practices in product management and business. Agile2021 is an online conference for Agile practitioners from more than 50 countries. Attendees are immersed in the latest techniques, practices, and strategies to implement Agile software development.

12. Product-Led Summit, New York

Where: New York City, NY, USA

When: July 28-29

Cost: $795

The Product-Led Summit is a two-day conference that helps product leaders grow their PM skills and build connections to help them take their product management career to the next level. In this conference,  product leaders learn how to become a more effective product leader by leading market-driven, customer-centric projects.

13. International Conference on Marketing, Product Management, and Technology

Where: Venice, Italy

When: August 12-13

Cost: €250

The International Conference on Marketing, Product Management and Technology is an academic conference for marketing professionals to learn about product management and how to create better products. The event will bring together practitioners from the field of marketing research, strategic planning, digital marketing technologies as well as students and academics in related fields such as business administration or information systems.

14. An Event Apart, Orlando

Where: Orlando, FL, USA

When: August 30 – September 1

Cost: $1500

An Event Apart is a conference for web designers and developers. The event mixes talks, workshops, panels, and presentations on the building blocks of good design: code, content, frameworks & more.

15. Growth Marketing Summit

Where: Frankfurt, Germany

When: September 2

Cost: €799

The Growth Marketing Summit is Europe’s largest conference for marketers. The event will feature keynote panel sessions, one-to-one mentoring, and networking time with industry experts as well as a trade exhibition area showcasing new digital marketing technologies.

16. Chief Product Officer Summit, San Francisco

Where: San Francisco, CA, USA

When: September 15

Cost: From $500

The Chief Product Officer Summit is a two-day event for product people. The agenda will include keynote presentations by leading practitioners, networking with peers and other great minds in the field of digital and consumer products. Also, it’ll include breakout sessions on topics such as designing successful platforms, scaling lean teams to 1000+ people, building global offerings from scratch; plus ample time scheduled for peer-to-peer discussions.

17. Product-Led Summit, San Francisco

Where: San Francisco, CA, USA

When: September 15-16

Cost: From $795

The Product-Led Summit is a gathering of product leaders and creators to share their experience in the product world. In addition to the great conference program that has been carefully designed by the best minds in product quality management, you’ll have access to an exclusive networking lounge filled with opportunities for peer discussion.

18. Product Marketing Summit

Where: San Francisco, CA, USA

When: September 15-16

Cost: From $795

The Product Marketing Summit is a two-day conference featuring the best in product marketing with speakers from well-known brands such as Amazon, LinkedIn, and Netflix. The summit will give you access to innovative approaches for managing the product team and maximizing customer awareness of your products or services.

What can you learn at a product manager conference?

The sessions at a product manager conference will vary depending on the theme and who’s speaking. Generally, you’ll take in lessons from presentations, workshops, and panel discussions with industry experts. You might also get to pick up some new skills like Photoshop or Product Management basics through hands-on training.

These are some common themes: 

  • Product development strategy – How do I know what my company should be building? 
  • User experience design – What are good ways of designing products that people want to use? 
  • Project management -What tools can I use to keep track of all the moving parts when working alongside other teams? 
  • Data analytics -How does data help me understand how users interact with our product(s)?     

There are many things you can learn at a PM conference. However, if you are looking to gain deep knowledge in the field, you might want to consider attending a product management bootcamp or a product management certification program.

How to choose the right product management conference for you?

It all depends on what your product management goals are. 

Do you want to meet people and network with potential employers or collaborators? Do you want to learn more about Product Management basics like User Experience Design, Data Analytics, or Project management skills? Or do you just need an excuse to get out of the office for a few days so that you can recharge your batteries every now and then?    

There are many factors that come to play when deciding on the right Product Management Conference for you. It’s a good idea to visit the official website of any conference that interests you so you can see if the agenda meets your expectations. 

Good luck.


Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder of The Product Company.