Best Outdoor Aerial Rigs 2022: Reviews and Pricing

Updated on July 1st, 2022
Best Outdoor Aerial Rigs 2022: Reviews and Pricing

Excited to get an outdoor aerial rig? This blog post will guide you about everything you need to know before making your purchase.

Aerial arts, like aerial yoga, pull-ups, hammock, aerial silk, and aerial hoop are taking up the fitness world. With new moves and unique contortions, it's no wonder why people are falling in love with aerial practices. This amazing art becomes even more fascinating when you couple it with the aesthetic beauty of nature. Yes, we are talking about performing aerial moves outdoors.

Realizing the charming effects of aerial arts in nature enhances your experience. Being one with nature as you swing from the aerial rig is an incomparable feeling. Outdoor aerial rigs are a great way to take your aerial arts to the next level. Before you start your journey to get an aerial rig for your outdoor space, you must get your hands on the right equipment. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about outdoor aerial rigs. We also review top outdoor aerial rigs that can make your aerial arts experience even more delightful.

What is an Outdoor Aerial Rig?

The outdoor aerial rig is a specially designed structure for performing aerial arts outdoors. It is a standing frame made of metal used to support aerial hoops, silks, or hammocks. Most outdoor aerial rigs are made of weather-resistant materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or magnesium alloy to ensure durability and safety. The rig is usually installed in the backyard or a park.

An outdoor aerial rig enables you to fly high and perform various aerial tricks while enjoying the scenic view. The height of the rig varies according to the aerial discipline you want to pursue. Some rigs have an adjustable height feature to allow you to change the apparatus according to your needs.

Outdoor Aerial Rig Benefits

Practice New Aerial Moves

Aerialists need regular practice to master various aerial moves. An outdoor aerial rig gives you the chance to try out new tricks and poses without worrying about damaging your equipment. The soft landing of grass, sand, or snow provides a cushioning effect, which reduces the risk of injuries.

Outdoor scenery also motivates you to try out new aerial moves and explore your potential. The fresh air and soothing environment help you focus and connect with your inner strength. As a result, you can push your boundaries and achieve complex aerial feats.

Boosting Weight Loss

Practicing with an outdoor aerial rig is a fun activity and a great workout. It helps burn calories and tone your muscles. A single aerial yoga session of 50 minutes can help you shed up to 320 calories.

When you exercise outdoors, the results are even more significant. The scenic view and fresh air act as a natural mood booster and help you stay motivated throughout the workout. As a result, you end up working out for longer, which helps in weight loss.

Increasing Flexibility

Achieving a flexible body is a dream for many people. Aerial arts is an excellent way to increase flexibility and acquire a toned body. The various aerial poses help in lengthening and stretching your muscles. The rigorous stretching involved in aerial arts helps increase your range of motion and makes your muscles more supple.

When you practice aerial moves outdoors, the warm temperature further helps loosen your muscles and improve your flexibility. The fresh air also acts as a natural energizer and enables you to push your limits.

Reducing Stress Level

Hectic routines and work pressure often lead to stress and anxiety. It reduces your productivity and affects your mental and physical health. Performing aerial arts outdoors helps you combat stress. It helps release hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, which calm your mind and body.

The tranquil environment of the outdoors also plays a significant role in reducing stress levels. The peaceful surroundings help you forget your worries and focus on aerial moves. As a result, you feel relaxed and rejuvenated after the aerial session.

Tips for Installing Outdoor Aerial Rig

Installing an aerial rig is not easy. It becomes trickier when you decide to install it in an outdoor space. Installing a rig in your garden or backyard can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Here are a few tips to help you install the rig successfully.

Consult Your Instructor

Performing various contortions and moves on an aerial rig is a risky task. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to consult your instructor before attempting any move. Don't practice without the supervision of an experienced instructor, as it can lead to injuries.

Consult your instructor if you are eager to install a rig in your house. Ask them their opinion about practicing moves at home. If they allow, follow their instructions carefully to avoid any accidents. Attend the classes and learn all the movements properly before attempting them on your own.

Check The Environmental Conditions of Your Area

Harsh weather conditions can make it challenging to perform aerial arts. If your residential area encounters strong wind, rain, snowfall, or hot weather conditions frequently, it is not advisable to install a rig.

Intense weather affects your health as well as your aerial rig. In this case, it's better to practice indoors. If you still want to practice in such conditions, take all the necessary precautions. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes to avoid any accidents.

Choose a Dedicated Outdoor Space

An aerial rig is a large tool. You also need plenty of space to move, jump, and fly while performing various moves. It is advisable to install your rig in a large dedicated outdoor space like a backyard or a garden.

Don't try to install it in a small space as you might be unable to perform all the moves. You can trip over the rig or collide with it while performing various stunts. Clear the area of any obstacles before starting the installation process. Obstacles can be anything from furniture to plants.

Check for Stability of The Ground

It is essential to check the stability of your aerial rig before starting the installation process. You should install the rig on a flat and level surface. If the ground is uneven, it can make the installation process difficult. It can also affect your performance as you might not be able to maintain your balance.

Choose a shady spot to install your rig. The area should be free of any dust or debris. If installing the rig on grass, ensure the ground is dry. Wet grass is slippery, and the rig can't stand on it.

Assemble the Outdoor Aerial Rig Carefully

Assembling the rig is a crucial step to experiencing a smooth performance. If any part of the rig is not installed correctly, it can create problems while performing various aerial stunts.

To accurately assemble it, read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. If you are unsure about the assemblage of any part, ask your instructor or the customer care representative of the company. It is better to take someone's help while assembling the outdoor aerial rig. An experienced professional can help you in assembling the rig quickly and correctly.

Regular Inspection of The Aerial Rig

Outdoor aerial rig encounters harsh conditions that can damage it. To ensure the safety of the rig and the person using it, inspect it regularly. A regular inspection enables you to detect any problem with the rig at an early stage. It also helps in maintaining the rig in good condition.

Conduct a thorough inspection of the entire rig before practicing. Check for any loose bolts or parts. If you find any damage, get it repaired or replaced immediately. Also, inspect the area around the rig. If you notice any problem with the ground, don't use the rig until it is fixed.

Top Outdoor Aerial Rigs

Choosing an aerial rig is a daunting task. It becomes more challenging when it comes to choosing one for outdoor use. To get the best outdoor aerial rig, you need to dig deep into the rig's features. The manufacturing material of the rig and the weather resistance are the most important factors when choosing an outdoor aerial rig.

You also need to consider the purpose of buying a rig. If you are buying a rig for aerial yoga, choose a specifically designed rig. The same goes for other aerial disciplines like silks, hoops, and trapeze. Here is a list of top outdoor aerial rigs you can buy in 2022.

Aerial Essentials Portable Indoor Rig

Aerial Rig1

Price: $875.00

Do you want to enjoy doing yoga in your outdoor space? Aerial Essentials has designed a perfect aerial rig for you. The Portable Indoor Rig is easy to install and highly durable. The best thing about this rig is that it can be easily disassembled and transported from one place to another.

This rig is ideal if you need a rig for basic aerial yoga poses. However, it is not suitable for swinging and advanced yoga techniques. You can adjust the height of the rig according to your needs. Its feet are adjustable, enabling you to use it on uneven surfaces. Securing straps for the bottom legs makes it possible to use the rig on grass.


  • Durable
  • Convenient installation
  • Suitable for usage on uneven surfaces
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


Aerial Essentials Large Portable Rig

Aerial Essentials

Price: $3,850.00

The Large Portable Rig from Aerial Essentials is an excellent choice for those who want a rig for outdoor use. It is a quality aerial rig. The experts have tested it for safety and durability. The rig is made of high-quality materials that can withstand all rigorous conditions. Unlike small rigs, this one enables you to perform all the aerial yoga poses easily. Aerial artists can perform dynamic movements, duo arts, and various tricks using this rig.

This portable aerial rig can quickly transport it from one place to another. The legs of the rig are adjustable, which makes it possible to use it on uneven surfaces. The height of the rig can be increased or decreased according to your needs. It comes with 16-leg connectors that act as adjustable extension feet. You can achieve a maximum height of approximately 21 feet with this rig.


  • Durable manufacturing
  • Suitable for dynamic acts
  • Adjustable height
  • Portable


Aerial Quad Rig

Aerial Quad Rig

Price: $ 3,220.00–$ 3,370.00

The Aerial Quad Rig is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a handmade rig that makes it more elegant and attractive. The framework is manufactured of high-grade steel, making it a stable and reliable product for aerialists. This aerial rig is available in multiple colors, so you can order the color you like.

You can achieve various height configurations with this product. You can set up a maximum height of 20 feet. The adjustable feet enable you to adjust the footprint of the rig to keep it level on any rough surface. This feature makes this rig ideal for your outdoor aerial yoga class.

It comes with all hardware and tools you need to practice various aerial moves. Multiple holes allow the installation of pulley systems and other accessories. It is a portable aerial rig, and you can conveniently transport it anywhere. Its installation is also easy. It can be assembled and disassembled without any difficulty.


  • Durable
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy to install
  • Portable


X-POLE A-Frame

XPole A-frame

Price: $699.99

It is another excellent choice for easy rigging. It is created with lightweight aluminum making it easy to carry. The X-POLE A-Frame is a perfect choice for those looking for a portable and affordable aerial rig. It can be quickly assembled and disassembled without any difficulty. You can take it anywhere with you as it is easy to transport. It comes with a carrying case that makes it more convenient to carry.

This aerial rig is fully adjustable so that you can set it up according to your needs. Its telescopic legs enable you to achieve multiple heights. You can extend it from 8 feet to 11.42 feet. The 55-inch long top bar offers you enough space to add various aerial apparatus. It also comes with stabilization straps. These straps offer you additional safety while performing various aerial acts. You also get weight bags like a boxing bag for additional stability. However, these bags don't have any sand.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Stabilization straps for safety


Small Indoor Rig – floor model 9.5 ft

Aerial rig 2

Price: $ 900.00

Though it is an indoor rig, you can also use it for outdoor aerial activities. It is manufactured of a sturdy metal frame that can withstand all weather conditions. The height of the rig is adjustable so that you can set it up according to your needs. You can achieve a max height of 9.5 feet with this rig. The small size of the rig makes it easy to transport from one place to another.

The rig has a top bar to add hardware and apparatus to perform various aerial tricks. The bottom legs are steel alloy manufactured, providing support and stability while performing various aerial activities. Leveling feet are adjustable, which helps you to keep the rig level on any surface. Shipment is not available for this aerial rig. If you want to purchase it, you need to get it from the company's warehouse.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Portable and lightweight frame
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable feet



Here are some frequently asked questions about outdoor aerial rigs.

Can you leave an aerial rig outside?

Yes, you can leave an aerial rig outside. However, you need to make sure that the rig is made of weather-resistant material. Harsh weather can damage the metallic frame of the rig. It can cause rusting of the frame. Winds can also topple the rig. You need to take proper precautions while keeping the rig outside. You can use a tarpaulin to cover the rig when it is not in use. You can also use a weight bag to keep the rig in place. If you want to use the rig for a long time, it is better to store it in a covered area.

Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully to see if the rig is designed for outdoor use. Most aerial rigs are not weather-resistant and can get damaged if exposed to the elements. So, ensure the aerial rig you choose can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Can you make your own aerial rig?

Yes, you can make your own aerial rig with the necessary skills and materials. However, it is better to buy a ready-made aerial rig as it is easier to set up and use. Also, ready-made aerial rigs are weather-resistant that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

If you want to make your own aerial rig, you must have some welding skills. You can use steel or aluminum pipes to make the rig's frame. Make sure the pipes are of good quality so that the rig is durable. You can also use PVC pipes to make the frame. However, PVC pipes are not as durable as steel or aluminum pipes.

You need to add some crossbars to the frame to make it sturdy. Use bolts and nuts to secure the crossbars. You also need to add some supports to the frame. These supports will help to keep the frame in place.

How much does an aerial silk rig cost?

The cost of an aerial silk rig varies depending on the size and material. The average price of an aerial silk rig is $ 2,000. Its cost also depends on the vendor you choose. Vendors like Ludwig offer various aerial rigs made of different materials. Ludwig quad rig consists of various components and costs more than $ 2,000. The size and weight of the rig also affect its price.

How do you hang aerial silks outside?

You can use an aerial rig to hang aerial silks outside. However, you need to make sure that the rig is made of weather-resistant material. You can also hang silks from trees. But make sure the tree is strong enough to support your weight.

Is an aerial rig a costly investment?

An outdoor aerial rig is a costly investment, and the price increases with the height of the structure. The cost of a rig varies according to the quality of the material used. If you want a durable and sturdy rig, you must be prepared to spend a significant amount of money.

The installation cost is also high as it involves drilling holes and setting up the frame. If you want to install the rig yourself, purchase the necessary tools and equipment. The entire process is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort.

How do poor weather conditions affect aerial rigs?

The weather conditions have a significant impact on your aerial session. The outdoor environment is often harsh and unsuitable for aerial arts. The metal frame of the rig can get rusty if it is exposed to rain and snow. Strong winds can make it difficult to control your movements, and you might end up hurting yourself. If it starts raining in the middle of your session, the metal frame of the rig can become slippery, and you might lose your grip.

Practicing in hot weather is also not advisable as it can lead to dehydration. The heat and UV radiations also make the metal frame of the rig extremely hot, which can cause burns. As a result, it is essential to keep an eye on the weather forecast before planning an outdoor aerial session.

Do aerial rigs pose a risk of injuries?

Practicing aerial moves outdoors is risky as there is a high chance of injuries. The uneven and unstable surface makes it difficult to maintain your balance. If you lose your grip or focus for a second, you might fall from a great height and injure yourself. The metal frame of the rig can also cause injuries if you collide with it while performing aerial moves.

It is essential to be extra careful while practicing aerial arts in your garden or backyard. Make sure to warm up properly and stretch your muscles before starting the session. If you are a beginner, practicing under the supervision of an experienced instructor is advisable.