Best Patent Services in 2023

In the realm of innovation, where groundbreaking ideas have the power to reshape industries and redefine possibilities, safeguarding intellectual property stands as an essential priority. Patents, with their ability to confer exclusive rights and protect inventive concepts, play a pivotal role in this process. Yet, the journey from idea inception to patent acquisition is a complex and nuanced one, often requiring the expertise of professionals well-versed in patent law.

The Role of Patent Services

A patent service plays a pivotal role in shepherding individuals and businesses through the intricate process of acquiring patents. These services offer a range of expertise, from initial idea assessment to filing applications, responding to office actions, and ultimately obtaining sought-after patents. They serve as valuable partners, ensuring that inventions are adequately protected under the umbrella of patent law.

Top Patent Services of 2023

The landscape of patent services is an ever-evolving realm, where staying abreast of the latest developments is crucial for successful innovation. Amid this dynamic environment, certain players have consistently stood out by providing exceptional assistance to inventors, offering a blend of technology, legal prowess, and tailored solutions. 

Let’s delve into some noteworthy services that have carved their niche in the world of patents.

#1 LegalZoom

Since its founding in 2001, LegalZoom has steadily risen to become the epitome of online legal service excellence. Its evolution over the decades is a testament to its unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled legal assistance to countless individuals and businesses. Having served millions of customers, LegalZoom is more than just a service; it’s an institution in the legal world.

The company’s unmatched expertise, vast service portfolio, and emphasis on customer empowerment have positioned it as a leader in the industry. They have continually refined their offerings, incorporating user feedback and technological advancements, ensuring that their services remain not only relevant but ahead of the curve.

LegalZoom’s patent services, in particular, are a culmination of deep legal knowledge, technological innovation, and a keen understanding of the needs of inventors. With a robust platform that offers step-by-step guidance, users feel accompanied and guided throughout their patent journey, making potentially complex processes feel seamless and accessible.

Where LegalZoom Shines

LegalZoom’s patent services are a blend of technology and human touch. While their platform ensures a smooth user experience, it’s their team of highly qualified attorneys that provide the personalized attention and expertise that inventors truly value. Their proactive approach, emphasizing education and transparency, ensures that every inventor feels equipped, informed, and in control.

Core Values

LegalZoom is built upon pillars of integrity, customer empowerment, innovation, and accessibility. Their mission has always been to democratize legal services, making them accessible and affordable for everyone.

How to Start with LegalZoom

To experience LegalZoom’s patent services, simply visit their website. Dive into a wealth of resources, engage with interactive tools, and, when ready, embark on your patent journey with the best in the business guiding you every step of the way.

#2 Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer emerges as a potent fusion of technology and legal acumen. Specializing in patent application services, the platform excels at connecting clients with registered patent attorneys for personalized assistance. The marriage of cutting-edge technology with legal expertise enables Rocket Lawyer to offer an intuitive journey through the complexities of patent applications. With a focus on simplicity and empowerment, inventors find themselves better equipped to navigate the intricate patent landscape.

Where Rocket Lawyer Shines

Rocket Lawyer has streamlined the patent application process, offering an intuitive and seamless journey.

Core Values

Rocket Lawyer’s primary focus is on empowerment and clarity, ensuring every inventor feels informed and confident.

How to Start with Rocket Lawyer

Visit their platform, select the patent service option, and leverage their interactive tools to kickstart your application.

#3 IPWatchdog

IPWatchdog stands as a beacon of insight within the patent sphere. As a reputable resource hub, it goes beyond mere news delivery. Offering a wealth of patent-related information, from search tools to in-depth articles, IPWatchdog empowers innovators with knowledge. 

The platform’s spotlight on education, coupled with access to patent attorneys, establishes it as an invaluable asset for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of patents.

Where IPWatchdog Shines

IPWatchdog’s commitment to educating its users sets it apart, offering comprehensive insights into the patent world.

Core Values

Education, community engagement, and comprehensive resources are IPWatchdog’s bedrock principles.

How to Start with IPWatchdog

Visit IPWatchdog’s site, peruse their wealth of resources, and tap into their network of patent professionals.

#4 FisherBroyles

A collaborative approach defines the essence of FisherBroyles, a law firm distinguished by its focus on tailored patent solutions. With a network of seasoned attorneys specializing in intellectual property law, the firm is well-equipped to cater to diverse inventor needs. 

By recognizing that every inventor’s journey is unique, FisherBroyles ensures that its services align with individual goals. This personalized touch, coupled with a wealth of experience, transforms the patent process into a partnership geared for success.

Where FisherBroyles Shines

Their individualized approach to patent services ensures that every inventor’s unique vision is understood and catered to.

Core Values

FisherBroyles champions collaboration, understanding, and partnership, making the patent process a joint venture.

How to Start with FisherBroyles

Visit their website, explore their array of patent services, and initiate a consultation with their expert team.

#5 Avvo

Avvo stands as a bridge between individuals and seasoned legal experts. The platform’s emphasis on connecting users with lawyers who match their specific needs and geographic locations has made it an indispensable resource. 

For patent seekers, Avvo’s ability to help users explore patent agents, review client feedback, and arrange consultations offers a crucial advantage. By simplifying the process of finding and connecting with legal professionals, Avvo ensures that inventors can navigate the complex legal landscape with confidence.

Where Avvo Shines 

Avvo excels in its commitment to connecting inventors with the right legal professionals based on tailored needs.

Core Values 

Transparency, trust, and user empowerment are foundational to Avvo’s operations.

How to Start with Avvo

Visit Avvo’s platform, specify your patent needs, and receive recommendations for the best-suited legal professionals.

#6 InnovateLaw

A newcomer compared to some, InnovateLaw has quickly established its foothold by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Their AI-driven platform has transformed the traditional patent application process, offering speed, accuracy, and real-time insights.

Where InnovateLaw Shines

InnovateLaw’s AI-enhanced tools and platforms guide inventors with unmatched precision 

through the patenting process.

Core Values 

InnovateLaw focuses on technology-driven solutions, efficiency, and precision to redefine patent services.

How to Start with InnovateLaw

Visit their platform, explore their innovative tools, and commence your patent application journey seamlessly.

#7 TechLegal Partners

Dedicated to tech innovations, TechLegal Partners brings together legal experts and tech enthusiasts. Their specialization in tech patents ensures that inventors in the technology domain get precisely the expertise they require.

Where TechLegal Partners Shines 

TechLegal’s dual expertise ensures tech-driven innovations are legally protected with meticulous precision.

Core Values 

A deep understanding of technology and meticulous attention to detail underpin TechLegal Partners’ operations.

How to Start with TechLegal Partners 

Engage with them by visiting their website, familiarizing yourself with their tech-centric patent services, and connecting with their adept team for further guidance.

Other Ways of Protecting Your Business Idea

Protecting a business idea is imperative for maintaining a competitive advantage and deterring unauthorized utilization or replication. In addition to patents, various strategies can be employed. Here are six effective methods:

Trade Secrets

Safeguard your idea by treating it as a closely guarded trade secret. Refrain from publicizing it and limit its disclosure to those necessitating the information for development.

By retaining a high level of confidentiality, you prevent rivals from accessing your unique approach and maintain control over your intellectual property.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Utilize legal agreements, such as NDAs, when sharing your concept. These contracts ensure that recipients commit to not revealing or utilizing your idea without your explicit consent.

NDAs provide a legal framework for maintaining the confidentiality of your idea, bolstering trust and security in collaborations.


Apply copyright protection to creative works like software, literature, music, and art. Copyrights shield the original expression of your idea, deterring direct copying or reproduction.

This form of protection reinforces your ownership of creative endeavors and discourages others from mimicking your artistic achievements.


Safeguard your brand identity by registering trademarks for names, logos, and slogans. This registration prevents others from employing similar identifiers that could lead to customer confusion.

Trademarks solidify your brand’s recognition and distinctiveness, thwarting attempts to exploit your established reputation.

Contracts and Agreements

Employ legal agreements such as partnerships, joint ventures, and licensing contracts. These documents outline terms for collaboration while concurrently shielding your interests.

By specifying the conditions under which your idea can be utilized, you maintain control and mitigate the risk of unauthorized utilization.

Digital Security

In our digital age, the protection of software and online platforms is paramount. Investing in state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools, continuously updating security protocols, and training staff on digital threats can prevent unauthorized access or theft of digital business ideas.

While the methods mentioned above offer robust protection for business ideas, it’s essential to understand that no single approach is foolproof. Often, a combination of these methods, tailored to the specifics of your business, will provide the most comprehensive protection.


Why should I consider hiring a patent attorney or agent?

Patent attorneys and agents are experts in intellectual property law. They can guide you through the patent process, conduct thorough searches, prepare and file applications, and provide legal advice.

How do I secure patent protection for my invention?

To secure patent protection, follow these steps: conduct a thorough patent search, prepare a well-drafted patent application, engage in the examination process, and work with a patent attorney or agent for guidance

How does the patent exam process work?

During patent examination, a patent examiner evaluates your application’s claims, prior art, and legal compliance. The goal is to determine whether your invention meets the criteria for patentability.

How does a utility patent differ from other patent types?

A utility patent is distinct from design and plant patents. While design patents protect the ornamental design of an object, and plant patents cover new plant varieties, a utility patent safeguards the invention’s practical function.

What are the benefits of having a patented invention?

Having a patented invention grants you exclusive rights to your innovation, enabling you to control its use and commercialization. It can deter competitors and attract potential partners, investors, and licensees.

Josh Fechter
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