What Does a Senior Product Manager Do?

Updated on December 16th, 2021
What Does a Senior Product Manager Do?

A senior product manager is someone who has been in the industry for a long time and has seen it all. They have a wealth of knowledge about every aspect of the business, from marketing to customer service to sales. They are responsible for making sure that their company's products are up-to-date with the latest technologies, and they also make sure that these innovations actually work.

This professional is typically the head of their product team and oversees all aspects, from research and development to design. They are responsible for identifying successful products as well as new retail opportunities which can be met with new or improved products.

A senior product manager has come a long way to get the knowledge and reputation expected of its position. This person has mastered the secrets of time management, teamwork, and goal envisioning.

In this article, we will break-down the profile of a senior product manager, their roles and responsibilities.

Let's start.

What Does a Senior Product Manager Do?

A senior product manager is involved in several areas of a business, so they have certain responsibilities that are specific to their area of expertise. Let's take a look at them:

  • Sales Senior Product Managers

Sales managers work closely with companies' clients and prospects to make sure that they sell as many products or services as possible. They usually specialize in a particular industry such as health care or finance.

  • Marketing Senior Product Managers

Marketing managers oversee all campaigns related to promoting new products and generating customer demand for those products as this person been doing it for so long because that has seen what works best! They are also aware of how much money can be made by using different advertising methods like social media post ads on websites, etc.

They may create presentations about company progress and product management goals, monitor competitors' activities, negotiate contracts with vendors/ suppliers, and maintain customer relationships.

  • Operations Senior Product Managers

Operations managers are the people who oversee the production of goods or services for a company. They're in charge of making sure that everything moves along smoothly from start to finish as well as working to manage costs and maximize profits.

  • Department Senior Product Managers

Department managers make up all levels of responsibility between the general manager at one end and individual contributor on the other side.

They work with their own staffs members to define objectives, assess performance against those goals, determine training needs, set time schedules for employees, monitor budgets/spending allotments among many other tasks that fall under this umbrella role!

Senior Product Manager Responsibilities

A senior product manager makes sure that the company's assets work together effectively to meet goals set out by management. As well they know every detail about a specific industry segment so they can anticipate what customers want before it reaches them.

Senior product managers have good knowledge of marketing concepts like competitive analysis, target audience identification, brand positioning, market segmentation, etc. As an experienced professional they must set clear and achievable objectives.

Senior product management overlooks the:

  • Development and monitoring of new products from conceptualization to release.
  • Establishing the pricing, design, branding, and packaging of the company's product line.
  • Marketing campaigns related to their products to ensure that the target market is aware of the novelties or improvements on hand.
  • Working towards meeting corporate goals by understanding, analyzing, and pinpointing customer needs to create a successful service or product which will satisfy them.
  • Development of marketing campaigns to help sell their services through different media avenues such as television, radio, print ads, etc.

The Senior Product Manager is always looking at ways that can enhance a company's image in the long term run.

So What Makes a Good Senior Product Manager?

Senior product managers are product strategists with the following skills:

Consumer Experience

After all the acquired experience, a Senior Product Manager truly understands how important it is to create and maintain that intimate relationship between the business and its clients.

They comprehensively know how set up strategies to benefit the business’s market share, without neglecting the consumer experience.

Cross-team communication

It is no surprise how important leadership and communication skills are for a Senior Product Manager since a great deal of collaboration between departments in the business happens all time.

The Senior Product Manager job is the quintessential concept of cross-functionally as this person is in charge of building a strong link between the engineering, marketing, design, sales, and other departments creating an harmonious and efficient flow of product activities.

Product Line Lifecycle

No matter if it is a new or an old product, the Senior Product Manager has to oversee and manage the product line life cycle all the way from the strategic planning to tactical decisions. As the Senior Product Manager is aware of the market requirements, this person is in charge of adjusting the business’s product in relation to those standards.

Product Strategy

In this stage the job of Senior Product Manager as the cohesive point between a cross-team collaboration is noticeable, and even put under evaluation. Even though, is a team effort, the Senior Product Manager has the final decision when it comes to setting up a product’s strategy.

After structuring said strategy, it is time to convince the Head of Product Management and Director of Product Management that the routes selected are the right ones. Hence, the Senior Product Manager has to ensure that the overall business strategies and goals stay aligned with the strategies developed.

Data Analysis Management

As the Senior Product Managers is always expose to the consumer and market behavior, this person analyses and evaluates all the acquired information with various analytical tools.

This task enables the Senior Product Manager to identify the underlying reasons or facts of any product issues, to predict market behaviour and to keep a precise track of the business' analytics.

Recruitment process

Since the Senior Product Manager is the "been there, done that" Thanks to this experience, this professional is responsible of interviewing and training of junior employees. Sometimes, the Senior Product Manager will even plan, design and lead the team work's plan.

The Senior Product Manager works together with the Human Resource department to improve the hiring process of junior employees in the product management department. As well the Senior Product Manager will take care of solving any arising conflict in the work area.

Extra duties and responsibilities

We mentioned multitasking skills as an essential quality of a Senior Product Manager, right? Well, this professional not only takes care of the above duties, but can also perform another set as required by the Head of Product Management or the Employer. For example, attending product launches and trade shows along with the Public Relation department representing the business and its product.

Product Pricing and Strategies

The Product Manager, in conjunction with the Junior Product Manager, develops pricing and product positioning strategies. In addition, he is responsible for following up and ensuring the translation of product strategies into tangible results. The Product Manager prioritizes product strategies primarily based on their consumer impact.

Senior Product Manager Job Description

As we stated above the Senior Product Manager background has to be solid with proven experience in the required fields. If we squeeze all the duties, roles, and responsibilities of a Senior Product Manager, a job description will be a lot like this one:

"We are searching for a diligent senior product manager to lead our product development team. The senior product manager will be expected to be resourceful, in the best disposition to work along engineers, marketing staff, and other creatives to achieve goals and improve team's productivity."

"A high-level senior product manager with strong previous experience in product development with the awareness of how to satisfy consumers’ needs. An ideal prospect would have both analytical and creative qualities, with a pinch of power of persuasion."

Senior Product Manager Role:

  • Understanding product briefs and working with clients to fine-tune them.
  • Taking charge of product development.
  • Preparing budgets, allocating resources, and delegating tasks.
  • Ensuring product development is on track and adjusting schedules as required.
  • Working with various design teams to produce product prototypes.
  • Conducting market research and obtaining consumer feedback on products.
  • Coordinating departments and creative teams.
  • Identifying weaknesses in prototypes and making the necessary changes.
  • Obtaining feedback from clients, designers, and engineers, and adjusting product specifications as needed.

Senior Product Manager Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in relevant related field.
  • Experience in product or project management.
  • An MBA is highly recommended
  • Strong leadership skills and creativity.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Great analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Good organization and multitasking abilities.
  • Ability to collect and analyze PM metrics
  • A keen eye for detail.

How to Become a Senior Product Manager?

This journey can be a long one if the duties and responsibilities of a Senior Product Manager are not thoroughly understood. To become a Senior in the Product Management area, extensive experience working with product development teams with at least five years' experience managing products (at any level) is required.

You can start by joining a product management bootcamp or taking a product management certification course.

Additionally, proven technical experience with SaaS-products and applications are considered a must, as well common analyses such as product analysis and competitor analysis.

But first, focus on getting promoted from a Junior Product Manager role into an Intermediate one, improving not only your business skills but as well your creativity and leadership qualities too.

What's the Average Salary of a Senior Product Manager?

The amount of money a senior product manager can make varies greatly depending on the industry, company, and position. Generally speaking, they will work with an average salary range of $146K-237K per year.

The upper end is likely for chief marketing officers who are also responsible for other aspects of corporate strategy as well as managing budgets and staff in their department. According to PayScale, annual salaries for a senior product manager position ranges between $149k - 237k.

Summing up

A successful, well-respected Senior Product Manager has understood that discipline and dedication are key qualities to achieve personal and professional goals. Most important, has adapted to the high dynamism of this type of job, so is constantly evolving, studying and improving on both professional and technical aspects of the field.

As well has asked the right questions, and has followed the advice of bosses and superiors. If you are an aspiring Senior Product Manager, keep yourself attending to educational workshops, establishing professional networks, and making sure you understand what this role entails.