6 Best Sensitivity Training Programs: Reviews and Pricing

Updated on May 24th, 2021
6 Best Sensitivity Training Programs: Reviews and Pricing

Sensitivity training programs are designed to create a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees. These types of programs help people realize their biases and come up with ways to avoid them, as well as education on different cultures that may be unfamiliar. 

A lot of people who are at the workplace have developed several biases through the years, and a large percentage of them don’t realize it.

It’s not uncommon for employers to know (and see) that diversity and sensitivity are important for a company. But do they know where to start? Sensitivity training is the answer. However, it can be hard to find the best program out there. These programs are not one-size-fits-all and there are different types that can address specific needs.

Here, we will help you decide which sensitivity training programs are right for you or your employees so that they'll learn what they need to know about diversity in order to build an inclusive work environment

Top 6 Sensitivity Training Programs

Some of the best sensitivity training programs available right now include:

1. Sensitivity Training Course by Oculus 

Oculus Training

Price: Custom Pricing / $162 Monthly Membership-Smart Package

Duration: Depends on Individual Plans

Canadian-based Oculus Training Group is one of the most prominent brands that supply various services to help organizations be more competitive, from customer service to employee development. 

As a fusion of many worlds such as customer service programs, sales experience work, and human resources consulting, they offer a wide variety of courses and workshops to target the specific needs of your company. 

Their training options are available in three formats — trainer-led training at your location, webinars, and pre-recorded E-Learning tools like DVDs.

There are many courses available to help support and direct your staff with various concerns. Their sensitivity sessions give your team members the opportunity to learn about themselves as well as situational factors in their workplace. 

Sessions are usually tailored exclusively for trainees so as to address specific needs.

There are a lot of reasons this particular training program comes top on our list, and this is because it provides 100% customization, it's available online, it works on various devices, and uses standard Operating Procedures. Some key topic covered at the training are:

  • Anger & Stress Management
  • Building Connection & Showing Empathy
  • Body Language & Etiquette
  • Effective Communication
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Cultural Sensitivity/Diversity 
  • Racial Sensitivity 
  • LGBTQ2+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, or Two-spirited.)
  • Generational Learning & Inclusion

If you want to learn more about the Oculus Sensitivity Training course, you can visit here.

2. Diversity & Sensitivity in the Workplace for Employees/for Supervisors by Compliance Training Group

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Training

Price: $19.99

Duration: 1 hour

Compliance Training Group is a national employment background screening and compliance training company headquartered in the Greater Los Angeles Area. It provides services to executives, supervisors, and employees. Compliance Training Group is multi-certified, with services ranging from Human Resources to workplace compliance training.

The Sensitivity and Diversity training offered is designed to tackle cultural differences. It helps participants become aware of other cultures and lifestyles in order to increase empathy among co-workers. The goal is to enlighten employees and management with knowledge about how prejudice and unconscious bias affect behavior. Some topics covered at the workplace sensitivity training are:

  • Conscious or Unconscious Cultural & Racial Biases
  • Inclusion & equal opportunity
  • Discrimination Laws, Tackling Language Discrimination or Harassment
  • Religious Accommodation
  • Stereotypes &  Disparate Treatment
  • Employee Rights
  • Avoiding legal exposure
  • Suggestions & Practical examples of best practices
  • Activities- Such as discussion scenarios, interactive quiz, games

Compliance Training Group has many programs available, including Diversity, Inclusiveness, Equity, Sensitivity, and Bias. Check out your various options here.

3. Diversity and Inclusion — Cornell Certificate Program

Diversity and Inclusion - Cornell Certificate Program

Price: $950/4 months

Duration: 2 Weeks

Cornell University offers a variety of high-quality training programs in their online eCornell University program. All the courses are developed by the faculty of Cornell University with insights from professionals.

They offer 4 courses compiled towards the development of consistent sensitivity standards and policies that promote engagement levels while encouraging organizational culture change.

Some distinctive features of this diversity and inclusion course include:

  • Instructor-led course: Subject matter experts guide and provide challenges for thoughts and actions, and help tie your concepts into your real-world job scenarios.
  • Flexible schedule for busy professionals: Courses are offered at your convenience and fit into any schedule.
  • Group learning: Each class is a transformative experience with fellow learners from diverse backgrounds. One hallmark of the course is the opportunity for group discussion, which helps classmates exchange insights and practices.

To get further information about this amazing program, please visit Cornell here.

4. Culture-Driven Team Building Specialization on Coursera

Culture Driven Team Building Specialization

Price: Free to Enroll with Paid Certificate

Duration: Self-paced (3hrs/week Avg.)

Coursera is a massive online learning platform that offers courses from top universities to anyone in the world.

This Culture-Driven Team Building Specialization course is offered by the University of Pennsylvania. The Ivy League school, Penn, is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States.

This specialization caters specifically to team leaders and managers. Who learn the skills to form, lead and manage diverse teams more effectively. It includes courses on how to build culturally diverse teams.

This comprehensive specialization program also includes skills related to conflict management, emotional intelligence, motivation, and establishing rules.

67% of students who complete this program start new careers, and 50% say they have been promoted or given a raise.

There are five courses total within this specialization, culminating in a capstone where you will apply the skills learned to an actual team culture case from N2Growth. Other advantages include;

  • It's a completely self-paced course
  • You'll be provided with a shareable certificate at the end
  • The course is completely done by the facilitator online

For further details about the sensitivity training program by Pann, please visit here.

5. Professional Certificate in Inclusive Leadership by Catalyst

Leading for Equity and Inclusion Workshops

Price: $132

Duration: Self-paced (1-2 Hrs/week average)

Catalyst is a renowned organization providing virtual learning workshops and courses for organizations of all sizes. One of their recent offerings, aimed at leaders in today’s marketplace, is on diversity and inclusion. 

The Inclusive Leadership Professional Certificate is an online program offered by Catalyst to help managers build the necessary skills for inclusivity. It provides students with detailed case studies, lectures, discussions, and assessments. 

The goal is to learn Inclusive leadership skills that can take your diverse team to the next level of performance and are applicable in any setting.

This program has a total of three training courses;

  • Becoming a Successful Leader
  • Get Beyond Work-Life Balance 
  • Leading with Effective Communication. 

Enroll in Catalyst's Certificate in Inclusive Leadership program and learn more about becoming a leader who values human diversity, upholds inclusion as imperative for organizational success, and understands how different both enhances group intelligence and increases understanding among people with divergent perspectives.

The course is self-paced, with flexible deadlines. Most students can finish the course in about three months.

If you are interested in this certificate. Check out more information here.

6. Identify and Overcome Unconscious Bias by AMA

Finding Common Ground - How to Overcome Unconscious Bias

Price: $1,245

Duration: 1 Hour

The American Management Association (AMA) is an international nonprofit, membership-based company that provides a variety of management development and educational services to members. AMA provides individuals and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools to achieve innovation excellence.

This course is suitable for all professionals in the workplace who want to promote an inclusive environment and Understand the importance of the effects of unconscious bias. The course covers: 

  • Defining Bias
  • Understanding Bias
  • Overcoming Bias
  • Understanding Allies
  • Becoming an Ally
  • Action Planning

Available as both an online or in-person class, this sensitivity training course is a 1 hour-long lesson. You can choose your location and schedule to best fit your needs. anyone who completes the course gets 0.6 CEU and 6 Professional Effectiveness (PE)

Discounts are available for members of the American Management Association. If you are interested in the course, you can get further information here.

FAQs for Sensitivity Training Programs

Here are some of the most common questions about sensitivity training programs.

What is sensitivity training?

Sensitivity training is simply giving employees an opportunity to see themselves differently, focusing on their patterns and strengths, while paying good attention to others around and their differences, so they can all work together in a safe and conducive environment. 

This program is particular about making employees aware of their individual differences and how it affects the attitudes and behavior toward others. This includes differences in race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and as many differing opinions that we may have. 

Sensitivity training is also about teaching employees how to accommodate people who don't look, behave or think the same way as they do, not just as a result of gender or race, but as a result of their communication, health, and other differences. 

What should be included in a sensitivity training program?

A sensitivity training program is just like its name depicts. It's sensitive. And as a result, there's a long list of important elements that have to be included for it to count as something. They include;

  • An introduction to sensitivity training, by giving a good background for the increased awareness of one's own biases and stereotypes.
  • An understanding of how they can affect perceptions and decisions
  • A good way to continue is by acknowledging that there are differences in people, cultures, and lifestyles
  • To do this, the program should provide participants with a framework for examining their beliefs about different groups 
  • It also helps to have an interactive component that allows people to practice new behaviors and skills 
  • Once you've identified the problem, find out why it exists and who benefits from it 
  • After that, create an action plan for change with concrete steps on how to achieve the desired outcome 
  • Make sure everyone involved knows their roles so they know what they need to do when things don't go as planned

Finally, it's important to be aware of the limitations of these programs - there are no guarantees that they will work or last long-term if used alone.