7 Best DC Weed Delivery Services in 2022

Living in the national capital can be hectic, but you can relax a bit using one of the DC weed delivery services.

It used to be hard to score cannabis or even medical marijuana in Washington, DC. However, now you have several marijuana delivery services and platforms that can bring you your favorite cannabis products from the best weed dispensaries in the area.

Whether you want prerolls, flowers, or other CBD products like vapes, gummies, topicals, or edibles, weed delivery services can get you what you need. In fact, you can also directly order THC-based products right at your doorstep.

In this article, we’ll go over the best DC weed delivery services you can use.

Let’s jump in.

Washington DC Weed Delivery – Top 7 Platforms and Dispensaries

The following weed delivery services and platforms offer some of the best weed in and around the Washington DC area. They use software, tech, and excellent delivery systems to get your weed delivered quickly and efficiently.

1.    Weed Shop 

We rated weed shop as the #1 weed delivery platform. They have created a unique platform that brings all your favorite weed dispensaries in one place, creating a massive weed marketplace. As a result, you can find some of the best weed products around you and get them delivered to you quickly and easily.

The idea is to get weed to recreational and medicinal marijuana users quickly, so they don’t have to wait around or go out to collect it. That’s especially useful during the current coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) as you can get your weed delivered to your doorstep without any issues at any time.

Through a rapidly scaling strategy, Eaze now has delivery hubs in countless major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, Chicago, and Las Vegas, among others. The company has partnered with the local dispensaries in California, Nevada, Maryland, Illinois, and more, to provide quick weed delivery services.

You’ll find a wide variety of cannabis products on the website, including prerolls, flowers, topicals, vapes, concentrates, and several other CBD products. You can find Indica, Sativa, and hybrid products, depending on what you like.

If you’re wondering how you can order online on weed shop, follow these steps.

1.      Start entering your personal and delivery details.

2.      Choose all the products you want from any Washington DC dispensary.

3.      You’ll receive an order confirmation when you finish ordering.

4.      Keep your ID handy to prove you’re 21 years of age.

5.      When the delivery driver comes, show them your ID and collect your weed products.

All in all, you no longer have to pop up to storefronts to get your weed, you just need a good weed delivery service, and there’s no better service than Weed Shop

2.     HighSpeed Delivery

HighSpeed Delivery is a weed delivery service that was founded in Oakland but now also services Boston, New York City, and Washington DC. In DC, they work with the concept of gifting, where you get your weed as a gift along with necessary accessories like ashtrays and rolling paper.

The company was started with a mission to destigmatize marijuana and rebrand cannabis. They have established a brand around helping people understand weed better. While doing so, they offer an extremely reliable weed delivery service that works round the clock.

You can also find HighSpeed Presents on the site – it combines your favorite weed products with various accessories like rolling paper, t-shirts, and more.

While you can order several products from the site and use the service to order from your favorite cannabis dispensary, the company also has some products of its own. They provide a range of vape cartridges and juices that you can order on demand for next day shipping.

There are also several deals and promo codes that go live each week. You can subscribe to their newsletter to keep updated on any such deals.

You can register on the site by simply entering your email address, and you’ll receive a password shortly.

In any case, HighSpeed Delivery has a limited menu compared to other services, but they offer extremely reliable weed delivery services.

3.     Joint Delivery

Weed Delivery

Joint Delivery is another weed delivery service that works on the concept of gifting. You can get ‘cannabis gifts,’ along with your favorite rolling essentials, stickers, dab accessories, portable vaporizers, and more.

The company is built on the idea of providing same-day delivery to all its customers for any weed products. They have a lot of quality buds and products on their menu that you can order at any time of the day.

However, what truly makes Joint Delivery different is that they have an extremely robust rewards system. You can start by becoming a member on their site by entering your personal and delivery details.

You’ll find that there are several reward systems on the website. The first thing you can go for is Joint Coins – you can earn these coins by signing up, placing an order, and by celebrating a birthday. You can then spend Joint Coins on various rewards.

Secondly, you can get referral rewards by sending referral links to your family and friends. The coupons are worth $9 on average for both you and the other person.

Lastly, you can join the Joint VIP Program that has three different levels, offering various perks in each. You can become a Bronze, Silver, or Gold member, and each VIP membership will give you a certain number of Joint Coins, along with other perks.

All in all, Joint Delivery is a good weed delivery service but what makes them great is the multiple rewards system they have.

4.     Budtenders of DC


Budtenders of DC is considered one of the fastest weed delivery services in Washington, DC. Their speedy delivery service claims to bring you any product you order within the hour.

They have a wide variety of weed products, including flowers, prerolls, edibles, and carts. They especially have a lot of options for edibles with tons of different gummies.

The website also has an in-depth blog called ‘The Bud Blog,’ where you can find a lot of information on all things weed.

You can find Indica, Sativa, hybrid, and other products at any time of the day. Furthermore, there is no delivery fee in some cases, especially if you have an order of more than $50. Some deals also get you some free edibles in some cases.

First-time users tend to get a small discount on their first purchase. Furthermore, cancer patients and veterans get a mandatory 10$ off on all purchases.

In any case, Budtenders of DC is a great option for weed delivery if you need your weed delivered to you extremely quickly.

5.     Peace in the Air

Peace in Air

Peace in the Air is a multiple-option weed service based out of Adams Morgan. When you order online, you can choose to get your product through walk-in, pickup, or direct delivery. However, what makes it different is that it’s also a music delivery service.

They provide some of the highest-quality buds and edibles along with your favorite music. Their delivery area is very vast, so you can get it delivered anywhere in DC and Maryland, for that matter.

Gifting in DC, their pricing is pretty lax while most of their products are top-shelf. They provide various weed products as gifts, including edibles, prerolls, flowers, CBD concentrates, and several music-based accessories.

Most importantly, you can track your order in real-time from the moment you order to the moment it gets to your doorstep.

If you leave a review of their business, you get a free preroll.

In any case, Peace in the Air is an excellent option for weed delivery, especially if you have an avid taste in music too.

6.     Better Bud Bureau DC

Better Bud Bureau is not as big as the other delivery services listed above, but they’re well-known among their loyal customers in DC. All of their items are organic and pesticide-free and have a focus on wellness.

Each type of weed product on their menu has different tiers. Their menu consists of flowers, prerolls, vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles, CBD products, and branded merch. They also offer a range of promotions, including discounts, crypto donations, referrals, first-time discounts, free prerolls for next-day orders, and more.

The reason Better Bud Bureau is loved among its customers is for its unique branding of each product. You can buy products like ‘Jet Fuel Gelato’ and ‘Diamonds Sauce.’ It adds to their branding and their niche.

Better Bud Bureau is for people looking for a permanent weed solution. While their delivery services are not the best, their products are sure worth it.

7.     Exotic Blooms

Exotic Blooms

Exotic Blooms has slowly gained popularity among DC citizens and is now considered as one of the best weed delivery services in the city. They provide active delivery to all locations within DC, whether it’s your home, hotel, or any specific corner.

They have an extremely diverse menu with several prerolls, flowers, edibles, concentrates, drinks, vape cartridges, and dedicated apparel. If you place a large order, you will also get a free Exotic remedy preroll.

If you want to order, you have to browse through the gifting menu. Once you choose all the products you need, place your order and text your selfie with a valid ID to arrange your delivery locations and time. It can take around an hour to confirm your delivery.

Exotic Blooms is best known for being extremely discreet. While they aren’t the fastest delivery service in the game, they are extremely reliable and secure.

Choosing the Best Weed Delivery in DC

There’s a lot of great weed in DC, but you need a reliable gift and delivery service to get it to you.

You can use the delivery services above to get your weed gifts delivered to your doorstep since you can’t buy them directly.

The best among the delivery services listed above is Weed Shop, as they provide the fastest delivery, highest-quality products, and are extremely discreet. Whether you’re in DC or need Los Angeles weed delivery, Eaze has you covered.

With partnerships with farms and surrounding dispensaries, they help get some of the best weed to you quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Washington DC weed delivery work?

According to Initiative 71, you can’t buy or sell weed, but you can possess and consume it. That’s why you can get your weed delivered to you if you have a medical card. However, if you’re a recreational user, you have to get your weed as a ‘gift.’ That means you can get your marijuana as a gift along with the purchase of another item that can be legally bought. Weed delivery services deliver your marijuana as a gift to you, along with whatever else you purchased.

What is the best weed delivery/gifting service in DC?

The best weed delivery service in DC would be Weed Shop, as they provide the best product range, quality, and delivery service in the city. The platform brings together online weed stores, medicinal marijuana dispensaries, and licensed cannabis delivery providers on a single marketplace.

What are the different kinds of marijuana products I can buy and get delivered?

You can find prerolls and flowers with most delivery companies and dispensaries; however, you can also get vapes, topicals, tinctures, concentrates, capsules, drinks, and several edibles like mints, brownies, chocolates, gummies, and more. You can also get THC-based products if you’re looking to get ‘high.’

How much marijuana am I legally allowed to possess in Washington DC?

According to Washington DC cannabis laws and Initiative 71, anyone over 21 years of age can possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana. You can transfer up to one ounce to another person as long as there is no exchange of money. You can also grow six plants at a time and have rolling paper, bongs, and other accessories. However, you can’t explicitly buy or sell marijuana in any case.

How much should I tip my DC weed delivery driver?

All delivery services adequately pay their delivery drivers a fair wage. However, if you meet up with your delivery driver and decide to tip them, you can tip anywhere between 10-20% of the order value. 

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