5 Best Chicago Weed Delivery Services

Please note weed delivery in Chicago is not yet available.

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With winter starting to gear up and talks of another potential lockdown, staying in as long as possible is the ideal way to beat the blues this coming year. In light of that, it makes sense to have a weed delivery Chicago service that you can depend on.

The Windy City is one of the biggest legal weed centers in Illinois, with a cannabis industry that boasts dozens of cannabis dispensaries. You can easily get both medical and recreational marijuana, as well as a variety of cannabis products. 

This is especially true for 2022, in which home delivery will be the primary method of purchasing marijuana products.

In this article, we’ll go over the 5 best Chicago weed delivery services. 

Let’s get into it.

Weed Delivery Chicago in 2022 – Soon To Be 5 Top Companies and Services

Legal marijuana delivery is quickly becoming the mainstream method for purchasing cannabinoid products. Here are the top 5 companies for legal weed delivery in Chicago.

1)     Coming Soon

Weed Shop is an all-in-one legal marijuana delivery platform that features some of the biggest and most well-known weed dispensaries across the country. 

Based in California, the service has expanded to cover a number of Illinois dispensaries as well, bringing high-quality medical and recreational cannabis to consumers in Chicago, Lakeview, Springfield, and Rockford. Major hubs outside of Illinois include Colorado and California. 

Weed Shop features all of your favorite weed products, including top quality flower strains such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush, prerolls, edibles, oils, and general wellness products such as soaps and oils. Other than standard sizes for each product, you can also purchase flower strains in bulk (7 grams and up), as well as vape kits and cartridges. 

Here’s what makes Weed Shop our top pick for weed delivery services in Chicago:

  • Huge variety of edible weed products, including gummies, baked goods, drinks, and honey.
  • An exclusive section dedicated to brands owned by women.
  • Fast and efficient delivery in all coverage areas.
  • Extremely affordable prices with regular discounts and promotional offers.
  • Dosage control with expertly calculated THC and CBD doses for both first time and regular users.

Additionally, Weed Shop has continued to offer stress-free recreational and medical marijuana delivery throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

Their efficient service, combined with their large service area and the easy-to-use service platform, makes Weed Shop the ideal legal weed delivery service in Chicago.   

To order, visit Weed Shop. 

2)     Sunnyside 

Sunnyside is a major recreational and medical cannabis dispensary that has both physical stores and offers delivery in most major cities throughout the state of Illinois.

Based in Lakeview Illinois, the dispensary operates several welcoming locations with a large and diverse inventory of cannabis in bud form and various weed products. Their delivery service is optimized for Lakeview and the surrounding areas, making it one of the best online weed stores in the area. 

Offering a vast variety of strains, Sunnyside is known for its flavor diversity which includes THC, CBD, and Hybrid strains, as well as pure hemp products. Consumers can also buy concentrates, tinctures, capsules, edibles, vapes, pre-rolls, and topical products, all in a variety of dosage strengths and sizes.

Sunnyside is a great option for Chicago weed delivery because of its:

  • Wide variety of consumption options on offer.
  • Local, national, and international varieties of cannabis flower strains.
  • Bulk (7 grams and above) orders shipped in a convenient glass bottle.
  • Several promotional offers and specials throughout the year.
  • Excellent delivery service throughout the coverage area.

In addition to their product, Sunnyside features tons of knowledge and insight into the optimal cannabis experience and how to consume it safely. 

Overall, the company is ideal for consumers looking to get their favorite weed products delivered to their doorstep within the Chicago metropolitan area.

To order, visit Sunnyside

3)     MedMen

MedMen is primarily a medical marijuana dispensary that has since expanded to offer a variety of recreational products as well. 

With physical stores in 6 states and a delivery network covering multiple cities within each state, MedMen has cultivated a large web of delivery routes for a massive number of consumers and patients. While the company has maintained a premium product model, they do offer competitive prices as well. 

The MedMen inventory is constantly evolving, alongside the general cannabis industry. However, the company has maintained some of the more famous high-quality products as a constant. These include buds such as Northern Lights and OG 18, and edibles such as Gummy Berries and sativa milk chocolate.

The qualities that make MedMen a good option for Chicago weed delivery include:

  • High-quality medical cannabis strains and products.
  • Extensive collection of health and wellness products.
  • Dosage and effective usage guides for patients and physicians.
  • Several menu filters such as cannabinoid strength and type.
  • Year-round sales and discount offers for both pickup and delivery.

The company also offers various gift and reward cards for consumers with repeat purchases and referrals.

Overall, MedMen is a convenient weed delivery option for medical cannabis consumers and patients, with plenty of options for the casual user as well.

To order, visit MedMen

4)     Windy City Cannabis 

Windy City Cannabis is a Chicago-specialty cannabis store and delivery service that offers a large variety of bud and bud products to Chicagoans.

Based on the aptly named Weed Street in Chicago’s North East side, the company has both physical stores (5, spread throughout Chicago) and a fast delivery service that’s available throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area.

Windy CIty’s inventory is broken into the medical and recreational cannabis section, with plenty of options for both kinds of consumers. Medical marijuana users can also get a new patient card and renew their existing cards directly via the company. 

Here’s what makes Windy City Cannabis one of the best Chicago weed services:

  • Regular discounts on most of the products, including premium flower strains.
  • Various types of marijuana gear, including pipes, bongs, and beaker kits.
  • Specialty edible products for medical cannabis users.
  • Filters for choosing products based on THC and CBD potency.
  • Large variety of extracts and concentrates.

Additionally, you can pre-order their weed products for pickup at one of the store locations. The company also offers a convenient contactless payment solution via CanPay. 

Overall, Windy City Cannabis is great for the Chicago native or visitor looking to experience some of the bud that’s famous within the city, while also getting a discount on their favorite weed. 

To order, visit Windy City Cannabis

5)     Marijuana Strain Store

Marijuana Strain Store is a dispensary and delivery service that specializes in flower strains and less processed derivatives such as hash, tinctures, concentrates, and oils. 

One of the smaller scale establishments, Strain Store is known for having a consistent delivery service that always gets good reviews. Plus, their product selection is more than adequate for any bud aficionado within Chicago and some of the surrounding areas. 

In terms of product variety, the company has maintained an adherence to minimally processed products. This means that even the edibles are as close to the natural flower state as possible. Additionally, it also guarantees that your bud will be of good quality.

Marijuana Strain Store is an ideal choice for weed delivery Chicago because of its:

  • Excellent variety of cannabis brands and seed growers.
  • Some of the top strains from around the world, including the famous Afghan strain and AK-47.
  • High-quality pure dabs, wax, and shatter of varying potency.
  • Feminized and standard marijuana seeds in select batches, available at great prices.
  • Super-fast delivery (in 45-60 minutes, within the greater Chicago area).  

Furthermore, unlike most weed delivery services, you can also get high-quality seeds delivered to your doorstep at great prices. 

Overall, Marijuana Strain Store is a good option for anybody looking to support a Chicago-based business and get all their favorite products delivered quickly, at any time. 

To order, visit Marijuana Strain Store

Choosing the Best Weed Delivery Service in Chicago

There are several factors that go into making one weed dispensary the ideal go-to for every consumer within a certain area. 

The quality of their inventory, their store coverage, the efficiency of delivery, and discounts are all factors that count towards one company being better than the others for weed delivery, especially in a city like Chicago, which already has tons of options for the same. 

Considering these and a variety of other factors, Weed Shop turns out to be the best choice for whenever Chicagoans want some high-quality bud delivered to their doorstep. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Chicago or need San Diego weed delivery, Eaze has you covered with their vast network of physical and delivery locations; in any case, their overall product quality and variety are the best in Chicago.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get contact-free weed delivery in Chicago?

Yes, there are a number of weed delivery services within the greater Chicago Metropolitan area that can deliver 100% legal cannabis and derived products to your doorstep without you having to make contact with the delivery driver. Make sure to confirm whether the company you’re ordering from offers curbside delivery, before confirming the order. 

Can I buy different kinds of weed products via delivery in Chicago?

Almost all the cannabis delivery services in Chicago offer a variety of cannabis products such as edibles, concentrates, vapes, oils, topicals, tinctures, pre-rolls, and cosmetic wellness products, among others. Make sure to check the amount of THC or CBD in each product before buying, to prevent getting an excessively strong product. 

How much marijuana am I allowed to carry and possess in Chicago?

If you are an adult of 21 or older, you can purchase and carry up to 30 grams of cannabis flower/bud and up to 500 milligrams of THC in edibles, from a licensed dispensary or marijuana store. However, it’s not allowed to smoke in public places and establishments. You are only allowed to smoke in a closed area where the owner has granted express permission to consume cannabis.

Should I tip my weed delivery driver, if yes then how much? 

Most weed delivery services compensate their delivery drivers pretty well, especially considering the rising number of delivery orders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, if you are impressed with the driver’s service quality and delivery speed, you can tip them from 10-20% of the total order amount. 

What kind of weed products should I choose for first-time use?

Depending on the effects you want to experience, you can choose from a low-potency Sativa, Indica, or hybrid flower strain for smoking, or a low potency edible for oral consumption. Stay away from concentrates and oils in the beginning due to their high dosage of the active cannabinoid ingredient. In terms of effects, Sativa will give an energetic, euphoric mind high, Indica will provide a mellow, hazy body high, and Hybrid strains will give a combination of both.   

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