7 Best Las Vegas Weed Delivery Services in 2022

Whether you live in Las Vegas or are just there for the weekend, you may be looking for quick weed delivery no matter what part of the city you are in.

Being the beating heart of Nevada, Las Vegas offers some of the best weed in the state. Combine some of the best weed with a remarkable software delivery platform, and you have fast weed delivery across the city of Las Vegas.

Whether you’re looking for prerolls and flowers, or you’re looking for CBD, chocolates, brownies, gummies, vapes, topicals, or any other cannabis product, cannabis dispensary delivery companies can get them to you at your doorstep.

In this article, we’ll go over the best weed delivery Las Vegas has to offer.

Let’s jump in.

Weed Delivery Las Vegas, NV – Top 7 Platforms and Dispensaries

The following platforms and dispensaries offer the best weed delivery across Las Vegas. They use various software, tech, and a great delivery system to get your weed quickly and efficiently.

1.   Weed Shop

Weed Shop is a growing cannabis delivery company out of California. The company has developed a one-of-a-kind online platform that brings all your favorite weed dispensaries in one place. Therefore, the company excels at providing quality weed at your convenience.

The idea behind the company is to provide cannabis products to customers quickly, easily, and efficiently. It doesn’t matter whether you need medicinal marijuana delivery or recreational weed; you can order it from Weed Shop at any time.

With a growing number of locations, the company has delivery hubs in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago, Marin, and more. Weed Shop has partnered with various dispensaries in California, Nevada, Illinois, and more, to provide timely weed deliveries.

Even in crises, such as the current pandemic, you can get same-day delivery for any sort of weed product you want.

The Weed Shop site has a wide variety of products available, including prerolls, flowers, vapes, topicals, concentrates, and CBD-based products for adult use. You can also find Sativa, Indica, and hybrid products on the site.

If you’re wondering how you can place an order on Eaze.com, follow these simple steps.

1.      Enter your personal details and your delivery details to save them on the website.

2.      Choose any product/s you want from any Las Vegas dispensary.

3.      You’ll receive an order confirmation soon.

4.      Make sure you have your ID to prove you’re 21 years of age.

5.      When the delivery driver reaches you, show them your ID and collect your weed products (make sure you wear a mask to minimize the risk of COVID-19).

Whether you’re living on the Las Vegas strip, the surrounding areas like Summerlin, or even Henderson, Weed Shop can provide a seamless weed delivery experience with premium products.

2.     Jardin Premium Cannabis Dispensary and Delivery

Jardin Weed Delivery

Jardin is considered to be the best weed dispensary in the city of Las Vegas by a lot of customers. They also provide a wide range of vitamins and supplements, along with countless cannabis products,

The dispensary offers in-store and curbside pickup. However, the best thing is that they have their own weed delivery service. They offer free delivery all over Las Vegas and the surrounding areas for all online orders.

You can find all sorts of weed products on their site, including flowers, prerolls, concentrates, vaporizers, topicals, edibles, and CBD products. You can also find weed-inspired apparel and accessories on the site.

Most of the customers praise Jardin’s customer service – the company is known to go above and beyond to make sure all customers get the right products delivered. If there is a mix-up, Jardin tends to offer free delivery for any replacements too.

Jardin is a great dispensary and weed delivery service, providing world-class products and an excellent delivery system that’s quick, effective, and very easy. It’s best to check in on their website every once in a while for any promotions.

3.     The Dispensary NV

The Dispensary NV

The Dispensary is a Nevada-based weed delivery service that provides services in three locations, including Las Vegas. They source cannabis products from the top dispensaries in the state of Nevada, including dispensaries like Nuleaf, Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace, Blum (Desert Inn), and more.

You can find both recreational and medical cannabis products on the site. The products include flowers, vaporizes, prerolls, concentrates, edibles, topicals, tinctures, CBD products, and various accessories.

Visiting their website daily will prove very useful because they have daily deals that are updated each day. You can get a same-day pick-up, same-day delivery, and even curbside pickup in some cases.

The company offers various payment methods on the checkout menu, including card payments, transfers, ATM payments, and even cash payments.

The website is extremely easy to navigate as you’ll find most of the products on the main page. You can search for various weed products based on categories, brands, and locations. They also offer specials for all kinds of products – these products are usually on a promotional discount.

In any case, The Dispensary is a great weed delivery service that brings the best dispensaries of Las Vegas to you.

4.     MedMen

MedMen is another dispensary and weed delivery service that started in California but is now available at multiple locations across the United States, including Las Vegas.

You can find various weed products on the site, including prerolls, flowers, topicals, edibles, and vaporizers. Each kind of product has several different versions, flavors, and more. You can also find CBD-based products if you’re looking to get ‘high.’

The company has a dedicated weed delivery service that provides free delivery in all of its locations. Depending on your proximity to the dispensary, usual deliveries are completed within the hour of ordering online, considering the product is available and in stock.

You can also find a range of rewards and exclusive access to various deals by becoming an online member. You can earn points for each purchase and redeem those points the next time you shop. Furthermore, you can also use the points to get a discount on select brands in Las Vegas.

Lastly, the delivery service also includes a cannasseur service, where you can connect with your personal cannabis concierge and make an appointment.

All in all, MedMen is not only a great dispensary but also an excellent weed delivery service, providing premium delivery services across Las Vegas.

5.     Thrive Cannabis Marketplace

Thrive Cannabis

Thrive is a complete cannabis marketplace that offers both delivery and curbside pickup. It’s one of the most renowned companies for sourcing marijuana products, accessories, and information on its use in southern Nevada.

The best part about Thrive is that they provide some of the most reasonable prices, especially for medicinal products. Most of the products they provide have some sort of medicinal properties. That’s why they add supporting herbs and plants like chamomile, ginkgo, green tea, ginseng, and more in all the products.

Their main goal is to make weed accessible to everyone in Las Vegas, including adults, elders, athletes, businessmen, and anyone who needs it. That’s why they also work on educating people on the usage and safety of weed products in general.

Furthermore, they also work with several organizations to provide weed products to people in need while also giving donations to needy organizations.

In any case, the Thrive Cannabis Marketplace is an excellent weed delivery service if you’re looking for weed products that also contain select medicinal herbs.

6.     Oasis Cannabis Delivery

Oasis Cannabis Delivery

Oasis Cannabis Delivery is a complete weed delivery service based in Las Vegas that also doubles as a cannabis dispensary. Located near the Las Vegas strip at West Wyoming Avenue, the company provides recreational and medical cannabis to the people of Las Vegas.

The company has 24-hour support, where you can ask about various weed products and other information. You can learn more about each form of weed product and increase your knowledge of it. The idea is to spread knowledge about the safe and beneficial use of weed and cannabis to the general public.

Providing support to each customer, the company has a rule to always choose quality over everything else. That means you will always receive the same quality products, regardless of any changes in the prices, general conditions, or anything else for that matter.

You can also find several deals on the website, along with some featured products from some of the best cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas.

There are over 300 products on the website due to the variability of cannabinoid and terpene content in each product.

In any case, Oasis Cannabis Delivery has a wide range of products from multiple dispensaries in Las Vegas, and they can usually deliver your product in under two hours.

7.     Marijuana Delivery Vegas

Marijuana Delivery Vegas is a dedicated weed delivery service that provides premium products from the best cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas. The company can deliver in the Las Vegas Strip, Summerlin, Henderson, Enterprise, Spring Valley, Green Valley, Sunrise Manor, Rhodes Ranch, Seven Hills, Anthem, Southern Highlands, and North Las Vegas.

They have a long list of drivers available at all times; that means you will be receiving your order quickly and effectively. The company also offers a ‘Refer a Patient’ program where you can send medical marijuana to patients and arrange telephone consultations to help them understand its usage.

You can get the app on both Android and iOS phones by entering your phone number. Once you’re registered, ordering weed is as simple as the following steps.

1.      Order any of the high-quality products, including flowers, prerolls, buds, edibles, concentrates, and more.

2.      You’ll receive a text from your weed delivery driver when they’re about to arrive. Greet your driver and get your product at the drop-off.

3.      Enjoy the product – you can track your order all the way from it being picked up at the dispensary to being delivered to your doorstep.

All in all, Marijuana Delivery Vegas is a reliable weed delivery service when you need quick delivery of your favorite weed products.

Choosing the Best Weed Delivery in Las Vegas

If you’re looking to get some great weed, Las Vegas is one of the best places to do so.

You can use the weed delivery services above to order your favorite weed products from dispensaries across the Las Vegas area.

The best delivery service among them would be Weed Shop, as they provide the quickest delivery service, along with the highest-quality weed products you can find in Las Vegas. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Las Vegas or looking for Los Angeles weed delivery.

With partnerships with several dispensaries, they source some of the best products in Las Vegas. Excellent products with an efficient delivery service equal to the best weed delivery service you can ask for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Las Vegas weed delivery work?

Weed delivery in Las Vegas is a great way of getting your weed delivered at your doorstep without any issues. Depending on the dispensary, you can get direct delivery or curbside pickup, while most of them offer their products through specialized weed delivery platforms like Weed Shop. All you have to do is place an order online, similar to how you would with any other delivery service.

What is the top weed delivery service in Las Vegas?

The best weed delivery service in Las Vegas would be Weed Shop, as it provides the best quality, product range, and delivery service in the city. The unique platform brings various online weed stores, licensed cannabis delivery providers, and medicinal marijuana dispensaries on a single platform.

What are the different kinds of marijuana products I can buy and get delivered?

Typically, you’ll find prerolls, buds, and flowers at all the dispensaries, but you can also get vapes, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, capsules, drinks, and various edibles, including mints, chocolates, brownies, gummies, and more. If you’re looking to get ‘high,’ you can opt for THC products, or you can stick to CBD for its medicinal nature.

How much marijuana can I legally possess and carry in Las Vegas, Nevada?

According to Nevada state regulations, adults over the age of 21 can possess up to 1 oz. of marijuana, or 1/8 ounce of cannabis concentrate at any time. However, public use of weed is prohibited, but you can smoke in your private residence or in licensed public lounges. Furthermore, you can’t consume weed within 1,000 feet of a school or casino or within 300 feet of a church. If you’re carrying more than the state limit, you need to have a medical document to support any claim of medicinal usage.

How much should I tip my weed delivery driver?

All delivery services ensure that all their delivery drivers are fairly compensated for their services. However, if you’re impressed by your delivery driver or just want to give them a tip, you can tip anywhere between 10-20% of your combined order value. 

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