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11 Best Weed Delivery Los Angeles Services in 2023 [Review]

Looking for a high-quality weed delivery platform in Los Angeles?

You won’t have to look too far. Los Angeles is home to some of the best weed dispensaries you’ll ever find in California. It’s also home to some of the best tech talent who have built remarkable software delivery platforms.

Whether you need flowers, pre-rolls, gummies, vapes, brownies, chocolates, CBD or any other cannabis product, dispensary delivery companies and platforms are here to deliver them right to your doorstep. Let’s dive in:

Best Weed Delivery in Los Angeles

The following businesses use software to offer the best weed delivery across Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Silver Lake, and more.

1. Amuse


Amuse Delivery is our number one highest-rated weed delivery service that caters exclusively to people in Los Angeles.

They source their cannabis products through direct partnerships with local growers in the area. Those include some of the top dispensaries in Westside, like Sunnyside, The Goods, The Herbal Care Center, Ash Mart, and Canna Entice, to name a few.

While Amuse doesn’t offer weed delivery in other cities, it makes up for it in the quality of their service. Users have commended them for the unique, exclusive feel that they bring to their customer experience.

From discreet, respectful deliveries and member specials to personal concierges that you can message should the need arise, WestSide Organic Delivery provides star-quality service. If you’re looking for a delivery company that will get you your stash of kush without drawing any unnecessary attention, Amuse is a company to trust.

You can visit Amuse here.


Eaze is the leading cannabis delivery company operating in Los Angeles. This delivery service excels in quality and convenience. It aims to democratize your kush shopping experience to make accessing your products faster and easier.

With delivery hubs across the country in cities like Oakland, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Merced, Marin, and San Francisco, is a brand that partners with the best weed dispensaries in the US to deliver superb quality marijuana produce.

Whether you use recreational or medical marijuana, can satisfy your needs. Their eCommerce platform is easy to use and offers a wide variety of products. You’ll find a host of items, including vapes, sweet flowers, prerolls, topicals, concentrates — including Sativa, Indica, and hybrid products.

Placing an order is easy. Once you enter your delivery details, you’ll receive confirmation of your order indicating the delivery zone. Be sure to walk with an official form of ID to ensure that you’re over the age of 21. No hassle, no stress. Also, while it’s not necessary, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, they recommend that you wear a mask when going to collect your order.

If you’re looking for a seamless weed delivery experience with premium products, is your go-to service. It’s the best marijuana experience you’ll ever find in Los Angeles.

3. Green Door West

Delivering across South California, Green Door West is another marijuana delivery service that stands out in the Los Angeles area.

The company delivers only 100% organic, vegan products, meaning they go the extra mile to promote healthy living. They offer a similar service to in the sense that you place your order via their eCommerce platform and later get confirmation of your delivery details.

It takes them up around one hour to hand in your order item once delivery has been processed. You can either pay online via their credit card, or you can pay in cash upon collection. In light of their policy to deliver organic kush products, if you’re health-conscious, then you can rest assured knowing that Green Door West will deliver products that meet your personal standards.

4. Nugg’s Nugg Club

Weed delivery la

While there are many cannabis delivery services in Los Angeles, Nugg’s Nugg Club is unique in that they are the only weed company in the area that produces cannabis subscription boxes. As a result, they are the only company that offers this type of service. That said, the company has additional offices throughout other cities in California.

Their process is straightforward: first, you have to sign up by taking a one-minute quiz on some of your favorite cannabis products, like vapes, edibles, and flowers. The quiz is done via their online website upon registration. Based on your responses, each box will provide you with kush items valued at $225 for just $99.

While it’s true that this company might not be ideal for someone who wants to choose whichever product they’d like, for some, getting a weed subscription box is exciting. If this is you, Nugg’s Nugg Club is a weed company that you can trust.

5. Grassdoor


GrassDoor is a dependable weed delivery brand that operates throughout Los Angeles. Known for their speedy delivery, GrassDoor commits to delivering your marijuana package within 45 minutes following confirmation of your order.

What’s more, if your order comes to more than $75, they’ll deliver to you for free.

In addition to that, they host a series of discounts and promotions throughout the year that allows their users to save money.

For weed users on a budget, GrassDoor is a solid alternative.

6. KushFly


For those cannabis lovers that can’t be left waiting for too long on their cannabis orders, KushFly has your back.

When you place an order with them, they commit to delivering your package within 30 minutes. All of their products are sourced from licensed marijuana retailers.

They deliver right to your doorstep and also offer free services when you make a purchase of $50 or more. However, those offers apply to select areas within Los Angeles.

With a wide range of products including vapes, brownies, cookies, topical creams, KushFly is an ideal choice for the weed fanatic who can’t wait to experience the wonders of kush.

7. Bud


Bud is a popular delivery service that runs throughout the Los Angeles area and other regions in California.

They specialize in offering quick, consistent service delivery to all of their clients irrespective of the product someone orders. They also offer a slew of special offer codes for their consumers that allow them to save money on their purchases.

As one of the most recognizable brands in Los Angeles for kush delivery, Bud has established itself as a front-runner among competitors in the niche.

8. CaNex

Similar to KushFly, Canex is another company in Los Angeles that values speedy delivery of all marijuana products that its customers order.

They get their products from cannabis dispensaries located in the Emerald Triangle and select areas in South California.

Something that defines them among others like them is that they offer reward systems. Each time a customer refers someone to use Canex’s services, leaves a review, or makes a purchase through the platform, they get points.

You can later redeem those points by putting them towards your next purchase. For those looking to make the most out of their spending, CaNex is a good option.

9. Ganjarunner

Ganja Runner

Ganjarunner is a real crowd-favorite among delivery services in Los Angeles and the wider California region.

Being considered one of the top ones in the region, its consumers love them because of all of the added perks they get whenever they make a purchase.

For starters, GanjaRunner offers free delivery with no minimum purchase.

Every day, they run different daily offers that you can access by adding them to your order at checkout.

What’s more, on Tuesday, they don’t charge you any sales tax. While some may differ on the quality of their products, it’s definitely a cost-friendly service that will appeal to low-budget consumers.

10. Herbarium


Herbarium is a dispensary in Los Angeles that has established itself as a top-tier provider for cannabis in the region. While they offer free delivery services, those depend on the amount a customer spends along with where the company is delivering.

In select areas within central Los Angeles, customers get free delivery on purchases of $45 or more.

On the outskirts of the city, those free delivery specials apply to purchases of over $75.

Herbarium is ideal for customers who want to try new brands of marijuana, such as Plus and Sunday Goods since the company partners with newcomers to marijuana distribution.

However, while they may patronize upcoming brands, the quality of the products they distribute is top-notch.

11. Emjay


Similar to Eaze, Emjay is another recognizable brand that offers delivery on cannabis products throughout the Los Angeles area. Thanks to their name and image, Emjay has partnered with a wide variety of cannabis dispensaries and products to offer its customers diversity in their shopping experience. Customers who use Emjay can expect quality in their service that is reflective of an international brand.

Choose the Best Weed Delivery in Los Angeles

If you’re ever on the hunt for weed in Los Angeles, you’re in luck.

You can source some of the best weed in the region right in Los Angeles.

Feel free to check out the software companies that are listed above for your stash of kush. is my personal favorite. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Los Angeles or need San Diego weed delivery, Eaze has you covered.

Thanks to their partnerships with so many dispensaries, they offer so many products to their users that you’ll never be at a loss for marijuana.

This wide product variety combined with efficient delivery makes it the perfect weed delivery service.

Visit one of these weed delivery services’ sites, choose your favorite products, and enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Los Angeles weed delivery work?

Weed delivery in Los Angeles is a convenient way of getting your weed delivered to your doorstep. Depending on the dispensary, some offer direct in-house delivery while others work with specialized weed delivery platforms, such as Eaze. All you have to do as a customer is place your order through the website, as you would with any other form of delivery service.

What is the best weed delivery service in Los Angeles?

The best service in Los Angeles would be Eaze, as it provides the top product range, quality, and delivery service in the city. The company is a first of its kind, bringing various medicinal marijuana dispensaries, online weed stores, and licensed cannabis delivery providers on a single platform.

What kind of marijuana products can I get?

Other than the typical prerolls and flowers, you can also get concentrates, vapes, tinctures, topicals, capsules, drinks, and various edibles, including gummies, mints, chocolates, and more. If you’re looking to get ‘high’, you can go for THC products. Otherwise, you can use CBD for its medicinal nature.

How much marijuana am I legally allowed to possess in Los Angeles, California?

According to the California state cannabis regulations, a regular cannabis user (with no medical conditions) can carry and use up to 28.5 grams per day for prerolls and flowers. However, if you’re going for edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges, or topical ointments, you can carry and use up to 8 grams per day.

How much should I tip the weed delivery driver?

All the delivery services make sure all their drivers are compensated well. However, if you’re impressed by the delivery driver and their services, you can offer them anywhere between 10-20% of your combined order value. 

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