5 Best Portland Weed Delivery Services in 2022

There are few things better than staying in during cold winter days and enjoying some high-quality bud after a day’s work. Add to that a delivery service that can bring your favorite weed to you, and it’s the perfect recipe for a relaxing evening. Luckily for Portland residents, there are multiple weed delivery Portland services that they can count on for that.

Portland is the legal cannabis center of the State of Oregon, with twice as many marijuana dispensaries as liquor stores, according to the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission). A lot of those cannabis dispensaries also offer delivery services. 

This is the safest option for consumption during the pandemic since in-person checkout carries a ton of risk with it.  

To help you pick out a go-to service for bud delivery, in this article we’ll go over the 5 best weed delivery Portland services for 2022. 

Let’s get started.

Weed Delivery Portland in 2022 – 5 Top Companies and Services

The majority of the well-known marijuana dispensaries all over Portland are either already delivering to consumers across the city, or starting a delivery system for the greater Portland metropolitan area.

Here are the top 5 of those companies: 

1. Weed Shop

We rated Weed Shop as the #1 Portland weed delivery service. Weed Shop is an all-encompassing cannabis delivery platform that features some of the top brands in the country and offers 100% legal weed delivery in several states. 

Starting out in California, the company has now included Oregon in its ever-expanding delivery network. Now, you can purchase all of their products and get them delivered fast and efficiently within the Portland city limits in the optimal time frame. 

Weed Shop has a vast variety of cannabis flower strains and pre-rolls, as well as marijuana-derived products such as edibles, concentrates/dabs, and wellness products such as oils and soaps, capsules, and drops. They also stock vape cartridges in a variety of flavors/strengths and complete vape kits.  

Weed Shop is our top pick for Portland weed delivery due to:

  • Fast, efficient, and safe delivery service in all coverage areas with an option for curbside pickup
  • A separate women-owned product and brand section
  • Several of the top cannabis brands from all over the country are under one roof
  • Highly affordable prices on all products, on top of regular promotional discounts
  • A policy for social responsibility with dedicated social equity brands

Furthermore, Weed Shop has some of the world’s most famous strains in bud form. These include the THC-heavy Sour Diesel and the ever-popular OG Kush. Plus, their dosage guide ensures that you always get the best dosage strength for your preferred experience. 

Overall, Weed Shop comes out as the best weed delivery Portland service due to its combination of high-quality products, great prices, a stress-free shopping solution, and delivery efficiency.

To order, visit Weed Shop

2. Green Gratitude

Green Gratitude

Green Gratitude is a Portland-centric marijuana dispensary and delivery service that has a delivery service covering any address within the Portland metropolitan area. 

Locally owned and operated, the company offers dozens of types of both high-quality medical and recreational cannabis, at some of the best prices in the city. Their delivery service is an add-on to their already popular product selection which has both premium strains for connoisseurs and some budget buds for beginners and casual consumers. 

What sets Green Gratitude apart from most other weed dispensaries is their simple and clean website that has what appears to be a very limited selection. However, this is due to the company curating only the best products on their platform. 

Green Gratitude is one of the best Portland weed delivery services due to their:

  • Simple and easy to navigate website.
  • Some of the most popular weed strains from around the state.
  • Fast delivery within Portland with a pre-order option for pickup or scheduled delivery.
  • Wide range of potencies for THC and CBD in flower form.
  • Diverse list of accessories including pipes, beaker kits, and vaporizers. 

Additionally, Green Gratitude has multiple topical products in balm, lotion, and cream form. This adds to their already great tincture and medicinal collection.

Overall, Green Gratitude is the perfect online bud store for someone who knows which weed is popular in the city and wants it delivered to their doorstep quickly. 

To order, visit Green Gratitude

3. Serra 

Serra is a marijuana-based drugstore that specializes in cannabis edibles in a wide variety of forms and flavors.

First opened in 2016, the company now has several physical locations across the city of Portland and offers some of the highest quality premium edibles of any cannabis retailer in the state. Their entire operational model is based on providing a mix of top-quality ingredients and a shopping experience that’s almost as rewarding as the product itself. 

Their edible inventory includes cannabis-infused dark chocolate, caramel blocks, gummy candies, as well as high-dosage chocolate cubes/blocks. While they also have prerolls and vaporizers, as well as some new products (kits, accessories, etc.) coming soon, their edibles are always the highlight. 

Here’s why Serra ranks among the best weed delivery Portland services:

  • Premium shopping experience with a clean and beautifully designed website.
  • Very high-quality ingredients and artisanal edible products. 
  • Hand-crafted chocolates with high THC doses for experienced consumers.
  • Product selection is defined by experience and effects (Relaxation, focus, happiness, creativity, etc.).
  • Unique recipes for low-dose caramel drops.

Serra’s shop locations are a reflection of their business outlook – a premium experience that’s elevated even more by the product quality, taste, and aroma. 

Overall, Serra is for the more discerning weed connoisseur who wants quick and easy delivery.

To order, visit Serra

4. Diem Cannabis

Diem Cannabis

Diem is another Portland-specific marijuana retailer and 

Centered around the PDX area, the company delivers to the entire Portland metropolitan area, including the four city quadrants. Stocking both locally grown strains and buds from other select states, the menu is full of choices even for the most discerning consumers. 

The company also operates its own growing facility, named Diem Farms. This allows them to maintain a firm and consistent quality standard, as well as have more control over the final product.

Here’s what makes Diem a good weed delivery Portland option:

  • Extensive collection of prerolls, including from Diem’s own farms.
  • High-quality range of medium-potency Sativa RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and Indica CBD lotion.
  • Company’s own farms and cannabis product processing plants.
  • Small batch production of all products to maximize quality.

Diem has dedicated mobile budtenders who organize and perform deliveries. These people are able to not just deliver the product, but also guide customers on their correct usage and dosage. 

Overall, Diem Cannabis is ideal for anyone looking for a more interactive delivery experience and tightly controlled product quality.

To order, visit Diem Cannabis.  

5. Greenery


Greenery is Portland’s premier cannabis dispensary and delivery service that specializes in unique and eclectic flower strains as well as edibles. 

Currently operating primarily as an online weed store and delivery service, Greenery offers super-fast delivery in and around Portland, with a focus on the city itself. Right now they have discounts on almost their entire inventory. 

The company has a history of stocking some extremely popular and some rare strains that you may not find elsewhere, save for the most premium dispensaries. They also offer detailed information about most products, making it easier for consumers to make the right purchase decision. 

Here’s what makes Greenery an ideal weed delivery option in Portland:

  • Wide range of THC-CBD potencies and ratios in flowers and edibles.
  • Large and tasty gummies, chewing gum blocks, and chocolate bars.
  • High potency oils (THC and CBD dominant).
  • Option to track the delivery driver in real-time. 
  • Purchase in bulk (up to a full ounce/28.34 grams) of flower in a single order.

Some consumers may find the limited menu and simple website as a lack of product variety or diversity, at least at first. However, the company always stocks a full spectrum of only the best products, at all times. 

To order, visit Greenery.

Choosing the Best Weed Delivery Service in Portland

Choosing the best dispensary or weed delivery service really boils down to a combination of several factors, especially in a city like Portland which is already famous for the sheer number of marijuana stores that operate here. 

Product specialty, product quality, flower selection, prices, promotions and discounts, and delivery efficiency are all qualities that make one weed dispensary better than the rest for both residents and visitors to the city.

Additionally, we have to include the overall shopping experience too, since most consumers will shop online. 

Considering all of these and more factors, we came to the conclusion that Weed Shop edges out the competition. Whether you’re looking for San Diego weed delivery or Portland, Weed Shop usually has you covered due to its product and delivery quality, as well as the legitimate cannabis e-commerce platform that they provide to both consumers and businesses. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding weed deliverers in Portland:

Can I get curbside delivery on my online weed orders in Portland?

Yes, most dispensaries that are currently delivering their products are offering curbside delivery in which the delivery driver leaves the order in front of your delivery location or at your door. This includes both medicinal, recreational, and general cannabis delivery services and retailers within Portland and the surrounding areas. If curbside delivery is optional, make sure to select it before confirming the order. 

Can I buy different kinds of weed products via delivery in Portland?

You can get almost all the different types of cannabis-derived products from retailers around the city. These products include edibles, topicals, concentrates, oils, shatter, hash, tinctures, capsules, vape liquids, and wax. 

How much marijuana am I allowed to carry and possess in public, within Portland?

If you are 21 years of age or older, you can publicly purchase and carry up to one (1) ounce of cannabis flower or leaves, one (1) ounce of cannabinoid concentrate or extract, sixteen (16) ounces of cannabis product in solid form, and up to seventy-two (72) ounces of cannabis product in liquid form. You can only purchase and possess these amounts in public, since public usage is prohibited. However, you are allowed to consume medical marijuana products in public, although you will need to possess a valid medical card in order to do so. 

Can I buy weed in bulk from a Portland delivery service?

Most weed delivery services in Portland offer bulk purchases of up to an ounce in flower form. This specific amount is the legal threshold for cannabis purchases in the city of Portland. 

Josh Fechter
Josh is the founder of The Product Company.