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9 Best Weed Delivery San Diego Services in 2023

Looking for high-quality weed delivery in San Diego?

You’re in luck. San Diego is a haven for high-grade kush.

No matter your product of preference, be it Sativa prerolls, Indica chocolates, vape cartridges, or CBD gummies, you’ll find it in San Diego. Let’s dive into the best weed delivery services:

Best Weed Delivery in San Diego

Dispensaries are loaded with what you want, and marijuana delivery services are there to bring them to you.

Here’s a list of the top companies that deliver weed throughout the San Diego area. My personal favorite —

1. Amuse


Amuse is one of the most well-known marijuana delivery services that operate throughout California.

With services in Los Angeles, San Diego, and other major cities in California, Bud has limited delivery schedules that vary based on the day and area that they’re delivering to.

In addition to their delivery service, they make it their duty to partner with top dispensaries in San Diego to deliver the products that their patrons want.

To help promote their company, they run various offers throughout the week. By using the code associated with their offer when you’re cashing out, you’ll get money back on your purchase.

There’s no doubt that Amuse is the best weed delivery service of its kind in the San Diego area.

Get delivery from Amuse


Eaze is one of the leading cannabis eCommerce in the US. They conveniently offer a wide variety of products on their site, so regardless of what type of product you want, they can satisfy your needs.

Whether you need medical marijuana or some kush for recreational purposes, you’ll never be at a loss for weed with them. From CBD products to pre-rolls and everything in between they offer the best products in California.

By striking partnerships with the best marijuana dispensaries in San Diego, maintains its star-quality service by assuring that its patrons get the best weed that San Diego has to offer.

Their cannabis delivery covers basically every city where cannabis is legal, including San Diego.

Placing an order is simple: as you navigate the website, you add the products that you’d like to purchase to your virtual cart. When you’re ready to complete your order, visit the checkout section.

As soon as you’re done, you’ll get a notification indicating that your order has been registered along with the details of your delivery. It’s that easy.

If you’re looking for a great marijuana experience in San Diego, is your go-to service.

3. Emjay

Golden State Greens

Emjay is a great weed delivery dispensary in San Diego. Known for its high-quality marijuana and quick delivery, Golden State Greens has a physical store located Point Loma on Hancock Street, close to Ocean Beach Freeway and the airport. This makes it a central and ideal location for most persons who live near the urban area of San Diego.

They produce their own cannabis, which is considered a plus for some. Although they offer a delivery service, it is limited to a few days of the week. That said, they offer a host of perks to their customers, including free delivery. In order to qualify, the delivery zone must be within 20 miles of the shop’s address, and the order must be at least $60.

What’s more, their delivery service is discreet, ensuring that their drivers do not wear uniforms or bear an emblem associated with the company to protect your privacy as a marijuana consumer.

Along with that, they also implement a loyalty program where after 10 purchases of $50 each, you will then be entitled to a free order of up to $50.

Without a doubt, Emjay is a good alternative when it comes to San Diego marijuana delivery.

4. Urbn Leaf

Urbn Leaf

Recognized as another leading dispensary in San Diego county, Urbn Leaf is a local kush distributor that produces top-tier medical marijuana and recreational cannabis for users in the area.

The company is strict when it comes to who they sell to, as they only permit transactions from California residents, Tijuana residents, and medical patients who have a prescription. Therefore, when you order, you need to show proof that you fall into one of those categories. Assuming that you do, you’ll be granted access to their products.

That said, once you qualify, you can order cannabis products from them and get your package delivered anytime between 9 AM and 9PM. The company usually runs quirky, fun promotions during the week that give their customers as much as 50% off their purchase.

However, they only deliver to select areas of San Diego. Therefore, if you are interested in getting a product from them, be sure to verify whether they deliver to your address.

5. Terry Holistics

Torrey Holistics

Backed by cannabis scientist Dr. Beth, Terry Holistics is a unique cannabis delivery service in San Diego.

Not only do they emphasize delivering quality products to their patrons, they are also advocates for education. For that reason, as part of their services, they offer “Mary Jay” parties, which consist of group sessions where cannabis experts conduct presentations to teach people about the benefits and best practices associated with medical and recreational marijuana.

Also, medical patients and other people interested in using cannabis can schedule consultations with Dr. Beth for any medical advice they may need. This makes them one of the few marijuana delivery companies that incorporate medical advice as a service to their customers.

While they have expanded their delivery services, they are limited to a 20-mile radius of their store.

6. Ganjarunner

Ganja Runner

Similar to and Eaze, Ganjarunner is a company that operates throughout California which also offers cannabis delivery services in the San Diego area.

Thanks to their reach and popularity, they are an easily-recognizable brand in California, a fact which leads them to run promotions to show their customers how much they are appreciated.

For starters, consumers get free delivery on their orders with no minimum purchase. What’s more, they also run daily promotions via their website that can offer you discounts and chances to save money.

Tuesday is a crowd-favorite among Ganjarunner users since they don’t get charged sales tax.

For that reason, if you’re on a tight budget and are looking to prioritize your finances, Ganjarunner will appeal to you.

7. Nugg

Nugg is a California-based marijuana distribution company that partners with leading dispensaries in the region to deliver quality products to their consumers.

The company operates in San Diego, where it is one of the better-known weed distributors in the region. They are the only company that offers cannabis subscription boxes, a fact which distinguishes them among its competitors.

These boxes contain a mixture of five to six marijuana products that are selected based on what the company thinks you would like. In order to determine what comes in the box, you are required to fill out a questionnaire that will give them insight on your preferences. Doing so only takes one minute and the entire process is done virtually.

Their subscription boxes only cost $99 when in fact the total value of the items you’re getting equals $225.

Therefore, if you don’t mind having your products chosen on your behalf, then Nugg is a solid option for weed delivery in San Diego.

8. March & Ash

Weed Delivery

March & Ash is one of the top-ranking cannabis delivery services in San Diego.

With three physical stores located in Camino del Rio South in Mission Valley, Imperial Valley, and Vista, March & Ash offers both pickup and delivery throughout San Diego.

You can browse their eCommerce platform to determine the products that you’d like to add to your cart. That said, be sure to double-check the areas they deliver to as well as their schedules since March & Ash do not deliver to every corner in San Diego, nor do they run their services 24/7.

9. Mankind


Mankind is a popular cannabis delivery company that sells hundreds of marijuana products to its consumers.

From CBDs to Sativa products and an assortment of baked kush goodies, Mankind has got you covered. In light of COVID-19, Mankind has extended its delivery services to operate between 9 AM and 7 PM, every day of the week.

By signing up with them, you are entitled to a number of exclusive deals that they offer, including money-back rewards and discounts. That way, they encourage their customers to practice saving habits and get money on their purchases.

Be sure to check out the products as they are among the best cannabis dispensaries that deliver in San Diego.

Choose the Best Weed Delivery in San Diego

When looking for kush in San Diego, you’ll never be at a loss.

San Diego has a wide variety of cannabis stores and delivery services — you won’t have a problem finding top-quality weed. If you want to get it right, go with stands out not only for its products’ variety and quality but also for its fast, efficient, and friendly delivery. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in San Diego or need Los Angeles weed delivery, Eaze has you covered.

They’ve partnered with so many of San Diego’s top dispensaries that you’re sure to find the product that you’re looking for.

Take your pick, and enjoy it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does the weed delivery in San Diego work?

Similar to how you order food or other items, San Diego weed delivery brings your favorite weed products to your doorstep. Some dispensaries have their own in-house delivery systems; however, most of them work with specialized weed delivery platforms, such as Eaze. Combining them, they ensure weed delivery in record times as soon as you place your order on the website.

What’s the best weed delivery service I can use in San Diego?

While there are plenty of good weed delivery services in San Diego, the best among them is Eaze. They provide the best product range, quality, and delivery service. The reason they work so well is that they bring several licensed cannabis delivery providers, online weed stores, and medicinal marijuana dispensaries on a single platform.

What are the typical marijuana products I can get delivered?

The most common products are prerolls and flowers; however, you can also get vapes, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, capsules, drinks, and edibles that include mints, chocolates, gummies, and more. You can opt for THC-based products if you’re looking to get ‘high’, or you can opt for CBD products for its medicinal nature.

How much marijuana can I legally carry in San Diego?

As part of the California state cannabis regulations, recreational users with no medical conditions can carry up to 28.5 grams per day for flowers and prerolls. However, if you’re going for concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, or topical ointments, the limit drops down to 8 grams per day.

Should I tip the weed delivery driver?

It’s not necessary to tip the weed delivery driver as most delivery services ensure that all their drivers are fairly compensated. However, if you’re impressed by your driver or just want to tip them, you can offer them 10-20% of your order value as a reasonable tip. 

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