Best Trapeze Bars 2022: Reviews and Pricing

Updated on August 3rd, 2022
Best Trapeze Bars 2022: Reviews and Pricing

Are you looking for the best trapeze bars? You are at the right place. We analyzed and reviewed the top trapeze bars of different types across different categories and handpicked the top ones for you.

Whether you are looking for a trapeze bar for yoga, home use, or your kids, we have you covered. It is an investment that is directly linked to your health, so you need to make sure you are buying the best unbreakable trapeze bar that won’t hurt you and your loved ones.

What is a Trapeze Bar?

A trapeze bar or trapeze swing bar is a horizontal bar with two ropes attached to its ends and it hangs with the mounting. It is used in sports, healthcare, exercise, and entertainment. The bar can be fixed or hung to help you do different types of maneuvers and have fun indoors and outdoors.

A trapeze swing bar consists of a horizontal bar, ropes, and mounting equipment. The bar is made of either steel or wood while the ropes are either chains or strong ropes. The bar moves freely with its back connected and fixed with the mounting. You can add additional things to it such as rings for better grip and any other accessories you like.

Who Uses a Trapeze Bar?

A trapeze bar is much more than a swinging bar for kids, it is used in a wide variety of fields and tasks:

  • Trapeze swing bars are used by kids in parks as a swinging bar
  • Adults use trapeze bars in gyms and training centers for exercise
  • Trapeze bars are used for yoga practice and maneuvers
  • You can use a trapeze bar in your home for exercise and swinging maneuvers
  • Bedridden patients can use a trapeze bar to move in and out of the bed without anyone’s help.

When you shop for a trapeze swing bar, you need to be sure of the type you are interested in. If you need a trapeze bar for professional dance training, it will be different from the one used by patients at home or hospital.

You must know the reason why you need a trapeze swing bar and what you want to achieve from it to end up buying the right product.

Pros of Trapeze Bar

Here is a list of the top benefits of using a trapeze bar:

1. Develop Motor Skills

Motor skills refer to specific movements that involve certain muscles of your body such as walking which involves certain muscles and nerves. These skills are essential for both kids and adults and help you strengthen your muscles for a specific movement.

Trapeze swing bar develops certain muscles as you move and swing on the bar. It comes down to your movement. For example, there is a trapeze bar (reviewed below) that helps you get rid of back pain. This is achieved by performing a specific movement on the swing to exert pressure on your muscle.

It is like gym exercise.

Trapeze bars are great for small kids as it helps them develop muscles and learn maneuvers that develop motor skills.

2. Improve Health

Trapeze swing bar doesn’t just improve motor skills, but it is great for improving overall health.

You don’t have to be an expert in using a trapeze bar to improve health. You can use it for simple swings and free movements that improve blood circulation and health.

If you are an exercise freak, you will love the trapeze bar because it gives you a lot of flexibility. You can use it to do manual exercises that are hard to do otherwise. You can use it as a pull-up bar and do normal pull-ups or hanging pull-ups.

It proves to be a great addition to your equipment.

3. Yoga

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro is a dedicated trapeze for yoga. You get video tutorials with your purchase that show you what yoga exercises you can do with it. For example, you can get rid of back pain with a simple exercise. Here is a video on how to use a yoga trapeze for arm strengthening exercises.

Once you start learning and get better, you will find several other ways to use your yoga trapeze. You can use it for all types of yoga moves and practices and much more.

4. Self-Sufficient

One of the key areas where these trapeze bars play a significant role in medical health. Bedridden patients who can’t move without anyone’s help use these trapeze bars for movement.

A trapeze bar is attached to the base of the bed and the handle hangs over the bed. The patient uses the handle to move around on the bed and in and out of the bed too.

Trapeze bars for patients come in a lot of varieties. You can buy it with a moveable stand that gives the patient more flexibility.

5. Fun for Kids

Kids love these trapeze swing bars. You will find them in every kid’s play area. You can install these for your kids at your home where they can have fun.

Trapeze swing bars provide your kids with a healthy activity that develops their motor skills and muscles as opposed to watching videos and playing video games. You have the option to buy a standalone simple trapeze swing bar or a complete set.

Install it indoors or outdoors temporarily for your kids and then pack it when they are done. Your kids will love it.

Things to Look for When Buying a Trapeze Bar

There are quite a few things you need to look for when buying a trapeze bar. Here are the key factors you need to look for when shopping for a trapeze swing bar:

1. Durability

The most important factor to consider is product quality and strength. You don’t have to compromise on the strength and durability of the trapeze bar.

Industrial-grade high-quality material is ideal as it is least likely to break. Steel or metal is ideal for the bar and nylon for ropes. The material defines the strength of the trapeze bar so make sure you don’t ignore the material.

2. Installation Equipment

Not all trapeze bars are easy-to-assemble. Look for installation equipment and guidance or after-sales support from the seller. If you don’t receive all the tools such as carabiners, you will need to buy them separately and this doesn’t just increase cost, but you might end up buying the wrong piece.

Ideally, you need to look for trapeze bar kits or bars that come with an assembly kit.

3. Price

A decent high-quality trapeze bar isn’t cheap. You need to look for the best price option. Price shouldn’t be your primary factor, but it needs to be considered when you have finalized a trapeze bar.

Else, you might end up spending a lot of money on your purchase.

Best Trapeze Bars 2022

We reviewed the top trapeze bars for you to pick the one that’s right for you and your loved ones. Here is a list of our best picks across all the categories:

  1. Best for Kids: Jungle Gym Kingdom Trapeze Swing Bar Rings
  2. Best for Adults: YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro
  3. Best for Patients: Lumex Versa-Helper Overhead Bed Trapeze Bar
  4. Best Straps for Trees: PANGAEA Tree Swing Hanging Straps Kit
  5. Best Wooden Bar: GHB Trapeze Swing Bar

Let’s review these top trapeze bars:

Best for Kids: Jungle Gym Kingdom Trapeze Swing Bar Rings

Jungle Gym Kingdom Trapeze Swing Bar Rings

If you are interested in buying a trapeze bar for your kids, we found trapeze swing bar rings by the Jungle Gym Kingdom the best on the market. The Jungle Gym Kingdom is famous for manufacturing and selling gym equipment and playground accessories for kids. Trapeze swing bar is their top selling product with more than 7K reviews from happy customers with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

It is a fully assembled swinging trapeze that comes with chains, a bar, and 2 steel carabiners. The length of the chains is 48 inches, and they have plastic coating up to 20 inches to improve grip and avoid rust. The trapeze bar is made of high-quality steel and has a plastic coating. So, you don’t just receive the trapeze bar with your purchase, but you get the chains and carabiners for installation. The only thing you need is a swing hanger or fixture.

You can install this trapeze swing bar both indoors and outdoors for your kids. The maximum weight limit is 300 lbs so it is quite strong and works well for bigger kids. The length of the trapeze bar is 18 inches which is enough for your child.


  • Assembled swing bar that’s ready-to-use
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • High-quality steel used
  • The chains and trapeze bar are pain coated for aesthetics and durability
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Reasonably priced.


  • You will need to buy additional equipment for installation including swing hangers or straps for mounting.

Best for Adults: YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro

This is a yoga trapeze by YOGABODY for adults. The Yoga Trapeze Pro might look different than conventional trapeze bars because it doesn’t come with a bar, and it has a special purpose to serve. It is designed and made for people who want to increase strength and balance. It is purely designed for experience and maneuvering for physical strength.

You get access to online video tutorials and pose charts as a bonus with your purchase. This is helpful for beginners who are new to trapeze exercises and want to learn and explore more.

The trapeze is made of 100% nylon and comes with adjustable straps and grip handles that are rubber coated. You receive a storage bag and carabiners to install trapeze in your home or outdoor. However, it doesn’t come with ceiling hooks or a mounting structure. This is a professional trapeze that is ideal for gyms and training centers. You can use it professionally as it is safety tested for 600 lbs.

It claims to help you relieve back pain if you follow specific exercises and maneuvers as mentioned in the video tutorial. Reviews from customers show that it does help treat back pain. So, if you are suffering from back pain and need a natural solution, you can give this yoga trapeze a try. Of course, this isn’t what it is used for, you can do a whole lot of other exciting exercises and movements.

Getting it installed is easy. You can do it in a couple of minutes (if you have the mounting ready) as it comes pre-assembled. You can get help from setup videos and get started instantly. Once it is installed, you can adjust the length of the handles accordingly.


  • Professional yoga trapeze
  • Best for beginners as it comes with video tutorials
  • Easy to assemble and set up
  • Comes with videos tutorials with exercises and moves
  • Made from 100% pure machine washable nylon
  • Supports up to 600 lbs
  • Ideal for curing back pain
  • Comes with a storage bag that lets you carry your trapeze with you anywhere you want.


  • It is hard to maneuver on a piece of cloth instead of a bar, you will need some serious practice to get it working
  • It is a bit pricey as you have to buy mounting, ceiling hooks, or stand separately.

Best for Patients: Lumex Versa-Helper Overhead Bed Trapeze Bar

Lumex Versa-Helper Overhead Bed Trapeze Bar

If you are looking for a trapeze bar for medical assistance for yourself or someone you love, your best bet is Lumex Versa-Helper Overhead Bed Trapeze Bar by Graham-Field. It is manufactured by GF which is a leading medical product manufacturer with several brands and products across all medical categories.

The trapeze bar mounts to the bed frame and can be adjusted easily. It comes with clamps and the necessary equipment to mount with the base of the bed. You can also use this trapeze bar with a stand that you can buy separately from the GF. The stand is movable and gives more flexibility as it can be used independently from the bed.

The height of the trapeze bar is adjustable and works with all types of beds, positions, and sizes. It supports 450 lbs of weight, but it isn’t meant for bearing full body weight. It might collapse if you use it as a sports trapeze bar.

It is ideal for patients who spend most of their time in bed. The bar helps them change position and move out of the bed without anyone’s assistance. You can hold the grip with a single hand and help yourself get up from the bed and shift to a chair or move to another place.


  • A ready-to-use trapeze bar for patients
  • Mounts with your bed easily or you can buy a standalone stand for it
  • Let’s you change position without anyone’s help
  • Premium quality bar that has a capacity of 450 lbs of assisted weight
  • Made from durable and strong metal
  • Manufactured in the USA.


  • There is no nylon or plastic coating on the grip
  • It is expensive if you want to buy it with the stand.

Best Straps for Trees: PANGAEA Tree Swing Hanging Straps Kit

PANGAEA Tree Swing Hanging Straps Kit

One of the key issues with trapeze swing bars is that you need additional accessories to use them outdoors such as trees. Powerful straps for hanging your trapeze with a pole or tree are essential. The tree swing hanging straps kit by PANGAEA is your best bet.

The hammock kit has two heavy-duty straps that can hold up to 2200 lbs of body weight. You can use these straps with carabiners to mount your trapeze bar with a tree or solid bar indoors or outdoors. You can use these straps with all types of swings and spinners for both kids and adults.

These are made from industrial-grade equipment that makes these durable. The customer reviews tell the story. It has been reviewed by more than 2,900 customers with an average rating of 4.8. As much as 85% of customers rated these swing straps 5-stars with only 1% of 1-star ratings.

You can use straps individually. So, if you have a swing that requires only a single strap with a carabiner, you can use it separately. The straps are made of high-quality nylon which is quite durable. The carabiners are nickel painted to avoid rust and corrosion, and are ideal for outdoor use.


  • A complete kit to hang your trapeze bar with a tree
  • Made from industrial-grade material in the USA
  • Comes with straps, carabiners, and a storage bag
  • Easy to assemble in as low as 5 minutes
  • Available in different sizes ranging from 5 ft to 30 ft
  • Works with all types of trapeze bars and swings
  • Supports up to 2200 lbs of body weight
  • Exceptional rating from customers.


  • The nylon straps can rip and break if left outdoors in harsh weather conditions. It is best to use these straps when needed and then store these in the storage bag. Avoid hanging them outdoors for weeks and months.

Best Wooden Bar: GHB Trapeze Swing Bar

GHB Trapeze Swing Bar

If you are interested in a wooden trapeze bar for your kids, this sturdy swing bar by GHB is something your kids will fall in love with. The GHB trapeze swing bar is made of wood and plastic. The bar is made of solid wood while the rope and handles are made of high-quality plastic (polypropylene). The maximum weight supported by the kit is up to 260 lbs, so it is ideal for kids.

Assembling the swing is easy and quick. It comes with the necessary items including clasps and straps. You can hang it on any bar inside your home or on a tree. The length of the rope is adjustable with a maximum length of 190 cm.

It is a multipurpose trapeze swing bar by GHB that you can hang anywhere as per need. Parents who have purchased it are quite happy with their decision. It has a 4.5 rating out of 5 based on 726 reviews with 72% of 5-star ratings.

It is suitable for small kids as the length of 3 cm and the handles have a length of 16 cm. It is made for small kids for both indoor and outdoor use. If you need a sturdy, easy-to-assemble, and portable trapeze swing bar, go for it.


  • A fancy-looking trapeze swing bar for kids
  • Made from solid wood and plastic
  • Easy to set up and works both indoor and outdoor
  • Adjustable ropes
  • Soft handles for easy gripping
  • Supports a maximum weight of 260 lbs.


  • The rope is made of plastic which isn’t too durable. Putting too much weight on the bar might rip the rope.

Final Verdict

When buying a trapeze bar, we recommend focusing on its build quality and material. This is a reason why we have mentioned the maximum weight capacity of each bar we reviewed and the material with which it is made.

It is recommended to focus on these two factors when buying a trapeze bar. If it is durable and high-quality, it will make you worry-free.


Here is a list of the major questions and answers to using a trapeze bar:

Is a Trapeze Bar Risky?

Trapeze bars are risky in terms of accidents. The bar can collapse or break. You will see a lot of stories and reviews from customers where the trapeze bar broke when they were using it and it resulted in severe issues.

But this kind of risk is associated with all types of sports equipment. We recommend that you focus on product quality, durability, and material when buying a trapeze bar.

Does a Trapeze Bar Require Maintenance?

Trapeze swing bars require maintenance and care especially if you are using them outdoors. You can’t just install it and forget.

You need to monitor carabiners, ropes, and connections before use. The rope is the key culprit that wears too quickly (if low quality) and it usually breaks during exercise. When you have your trapeze bar installed outdoors, it is more likely to rip and collapse due to severe weather conditions.

Extreme care is needed when dealing with trapeze bars.