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Carrie is a seasoned, Google-certified online marketing strategist with over 14 years of experience. With a diverse field exposure, Carrie has had the opportunity to gain hands-on…

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Website Marketing Expert

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Esther is a highly competent digital marketing professional and marketing consultant specializing in content strategy, content marketing, and SEO. With over 10 years of relevant…

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Website Marketing Expert

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James is a highly sought after online marketing expert with an unrivalled disruptive approach to internet marketing. Having stayed in the B2B marketing industry for over 17 years…

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Website Marketing Expert

United States
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Ramzy is an extremely competitive digital marketer with a strong professional profile. His expertise is SEO strategy. He has a master’s degree in International Marketing, and…

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Website Marketing Expert

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Daniella is an experienced marketing consultant and business blogger with over 7 years of experience. After progressing up the content marketing ladder at a digital…

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“Knowing cool growth hacks doesn’t make you a great marketer. They practice what they preach, both for their own brand and for various clients.”

Julias Baron, Head of Growth

@ Bud.com

“They provide the most actionable resources and have a one-of-a-kind community for connecting professionals.”

Bruno Estrella, Growth Manager

@ Webflow

“They provide the most actionable resources and have a one-of-a-kind community for connecting professionals.”

Lucy Zhao, Senior Growth Marketer

@ Uber Eats

How to Hire Website Marketing Experts through The Product Company


Your Vision

A website marketing expert will work with you to understand your goals, marketing needs, and team structure.

Work With Vetted Marketers

We'll put you in touch with the right website marketing expert for your project.

Talent-Product Fit

Work only with website marketing experts who have case studies relevant to your vision, ensuring you work with the best for the job.


At The Product Company, we vet our website marketing experts to ensure we only match you with the best skills. You’ll work with website marketing experts (never salespeople) to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics. What you get is expert vetted talent from our network, custom matched to fit your company goals.

Depending on availability and how fast you can progress, you could start working with a website marketing expert within 48 hours of signing up.

At The Product Company, we run one of the largest communities online for marketers called “Product & Growth.” The community has over 28,000 members. This is where we source website marketing experts from to ensure we provide you with top-skilled marketers.

A website marketing expert (or onsite marketing specialist) is responsible for managing all web-based marketing activities of a business, to help increase brand awareness, attract more traffic, and increase conversions.

They create comprehensive web marketing strategies that include search engine optimization, content marketing, PPC, email marketing, and/or social media marketing.

It’s equally helpful to know that a website marketing expert is not:

  • A website or networking administrator
  • A full-time web developer

Website marketing experts are a rare-breed that require a mix of marketing and web development skill-set.

Every website marketer should know enough about the key focus areas below, and specialize in at least one of them:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Web analytics
  • Online advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Basic coding

In addition to the above, here are some areas that are great for a website marketer to know about but not necessarily have former experience in:

  • Copywriting
  • Social media management

Furthermore, having graphic designing skills is an added advantage.

Becoming a website marketing expert essentially requires being qualified for and experienced in basic online marketing principles, modern marketing tools, and content creation skills.

Here’s the pathway you should take:

  • Get a recognized Marketing qualification, whether it’s a degree in Marketing or a diploma course in Digital Marketing.
  • Find a website marketing job. Fresh graduates should take up internships or entry-level jobs at digital marketing agencies (or businesses with a large enough in-house marketing team). Alternatively, you can freelance with experienced website marketing consultants on project-basis if that’s your goal.
  • Expand your professional network. Connect with other professionals in the digital marketing field on LinkedIn and Twitter. 
  • Continue learning the learning process. Follow industry leaders on social media, do online courses, subscribe to digital marketing blogs, join online communities and attend events in your niche to stay in the know.
  • Build your own digital presence. Being a website marketer, that makes perfect sense. That’s how people will know who you are. If you’re a freelancer, make a profile on freelancing websites or create your own website to market your services. If you work with a company, your social media profiles are your best friends.

In the end, it’s important to practice what you learn to keep sharpening your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

Generally, internet marketing experts in the United States get paid a salary between $37,000 and $84,000 per year with an average annual salary of $54,268.

When hiring experts, you want to make sure that you’re paying someone who knows the job at hand better than anyone else. The Product Company does that for you.

All experts on our list have been vetted through strict cross-checks and have had their qualifications and experience verified.

Top website marketing experts are in high demand: